Rough Night

Rough Night

A dark comedy story of anexhilarating party going wrong after a male stripper expires and hilarious attempts to hide the murder.

This is a story of four college friends who go on a bachelor party in Miami and run into a male stripper. Things go wrong when the male stripper dies due to an accident. Efforts are made to dispose his body and male stripper’s belongings. But all these efforts are futile and don’t yield any success to them. Watch Rough Night online to witness the epic dark comedy saga.

Rough Night Movie Introduction
Rough Night is a 101 minutes long dark comedy movie. Rough Night is directed by dextrous and talented director Lucia Aniello. Rough Night is produced by Mathew Tolmach, Lucia Aniello, Paul Downs, Mark Huffam, and Dave Becky. The imperative screenplay was possible because of John Logan and Dante Harper. Story was drafted by Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs. There is a great cast which emote and act with finesse, watch Rough Night online to experience art of acting by the star cast. Music is by Dominic Lewis. Cinematography was perfected by Sean Porter. Editing was done by Craig Alpert. Production companies are Matt Tolmach Productions, Paulilu Productions. Rough Night is distributed by Columbia Pictures. The movie was released on June 12, 2017 in New York City and was released onJune 16, 2017 in United States. Rough Night is released in English language.

Rough Night Movie Synopsis
The movie initiates in 2006 where a Halloween party and its celebration is going on. Scarlett Johansson with her friends is playing a game. They are cheered and loved by all. Later all the friends unite in a room to never forget their bond ever in life.

Movie jumps ten year later where Scarlett Johansson is getting married and they all decide to have a bachelor party before the marriage. Jess played by Scarlett Johansson is busy in her life and is tied in bonds on engagement with Peter played by Paul Downs. Alice keeps on pushing the idea of bachelor party and soon the engaged couple agrees for a bachelor party in Miami.
When they reach Miami they meet Jess’s Australian friend Pippa and she then colludes with them to have a wild and raunchy bachelor party. They all go to a nightclub to have more fun. They later bring a male stripper for themselves and to have fun. Suddenly while partying due to an accident the male stripper falls and hits his head. They all are shocked to see when they realize that the male stripper is dead.
The group makes various attempts to hide the body and dispose the cadaver. But the dead body ultimately comes back to them. Watch Rough Night online to witness the epic dark comedy saga and how the group finally dealt with the problem with a twist in the end.

Rough Night Movie Star Cast
The cast of the movie is studded with stars and they prove their worth in every scene. Experience and dextrousScarlett Johansson play the roles of Jess. Jess is the main protagonist. Charming and beautifulKate McKinnon act as Pippa. Jillian Bell as Alice shine in herrole. Ilana Glazer plays the role of Frankie. Zoe Kravitz act as Blair. Paul Downs look charming in the role of Peter. Lea is played by talented Demi Moore. Pietro is played well by Ty Burrell. Colton Haynes play the role of Real Lucia Anielloy. Hasan Minhaj feature as Joe. Detective Frazier is skilfully played by Dean Winters. Lucia Anielloy is finally played by Ryan Cooper. Detective Ruiz is played very well by Enrique Murciano. Raviv is played by Karan Soni and Bob the Drag is in as himself.Watch Rough Night online to witness this star cast exhibit flair.

Rough Night Movie Review
The story of dark comedy was rated 5.5 out of 10. The movie’s metascore was 52 based on 36 reviews and was provided by website. David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter bashed the movie for being poor and scored it 40. Kevin P. Sullivan from Entertainment Weekly didn’t like the movie and called it blatant. The Indiewire however praised the movie for being funny a score of 83 out of 100. TheWrap also criticized the movie for being redundant. Time Out London’s Cath Clarke praised co-actors for a great performance but criticized it for having no secrets to bind the audience till the end. Many critics considered it not necessary and can be neglected among many such summer comedy movies. The movie had great elements but cannot sew them. The dark comedy directed by Lucia Aniello is flat and acting falls short to impress. Movie cannot bind the audience. Surprises and shocks are many but all of them flat after sometime. The movie is for someone who wants to watch a redundant chick flick. We will rate the movie 5 out of 10.

Rough Night Movie: Focus on News

“Rough Night’ Pushes Chick Flick Boundaries”
Rough Night is not entertained by the viewers and when compared with other many summer comedies it falls short. There are few moments of refreshment but the overall movie isn’t so good. The act by Johansson isn’t good and amusing.

Rough Night, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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