Shut In

Shut In

A widowed child psychologist along with her disabled son staying in New England finds out that one of her patients, a little boy has been missing. The failed attempts to find the missing boy make the woman disturbed; she gets devoured by the thought that his spirit is haunting her.

The movie Shut in is a psychological thriller movie based on the Black List Script, 2012. This psychological movie contains a lot of suspense and thrill until the end. The movie got released on the 11th of November, 2016. The theme of the movie deals with a traumatic situation of a widowed woman having lost her son and a lone child who goes missing and is said to be haunting the woman in her house.

Shut In Movie Introduction:
Naomi Watts teams up with Director Farren Blackburn. The movie is produced by Ariel Zeitoun, Claude Leger, and Christine Haebler. This film has been written by Christian Hodson. The cinematography is by Yves Belanger. In March 2015, EuroCorp had set the film to be released on 19th February 2016, released date being pushed back until September 9, 2016. Finally, the release date was finalized to November 11, 2016. People can watch the movie in theaters or online as well soon. The movie revolves around psychological aspects and fear.

Shut In Movie Synopsis:
The story line starts with an accident that takes the life of a woman’s husband leaving her son paralyzed. The woman and her son stay in an isolated house. Being a psychologist, she is given a young patient who goes missing in a few days time. Naomi finds herself scared as though someone is her house trying to terrify her.

Shut In Movie Star-casts:
The role of the widowed psychologist Naomi Watts has been played by Mary Portman. Oliver Platt plays the role of Dr. Wilson. Charlie Heaton plays the role of Steven Portman, her teenage son. David Cubitt plays the role of Doug Hart. Tom Patterson plays the role of Jacob Tremblay, the young boy who goes missing. Clementine Poidatz plays the role of Lucy in the movie. Actors have tried to give their best in the movie by giving in their best efforts to each role.

Shut in Movie Review:
There have been mixed responses from all around on Shut in but the review charts haven’t been rating much. Some of the ratings are as low as 3/10 for the movie. The movie is a little puzzled and stating it a terrifying movie, the director has failed to showcase the movie as a frightening or an intimidating one.
Every now and then the movie star cast gives in their efforts but fail to jolt the audience. Whereas some of the ratings are 4/5 or 3/5 which is a good response as the story is a fine one giving people a theatrical and suspense- filled tale.

Focus on News: Shut in
“Viewers find Shut in movie satisfactory”
The movie was enjoyed by people but not everyone enjoyed the ending. There is an unexpected twist in the movie, which is great to comprehend and analyze. The movie collected around $4.1 million in the box office, the budget being $10 million.

Shut In, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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