A musical comedy 3D animation showing a singing competition of animals hosted by the theater manager koala bear in order to save his theater.

The movie is a musical treat in itself containing over 60 songs from popular artists of the classic era and it also has an original composition of Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder known as “Faith”.

Sing Movie Introduction:
Direction and story of the movie comes from Garth Jennings. Produced by Janet Healy and Chris Meledandri, Sing is distributed by Universal Pictures whereas produced under Illumination Entertainment. The highly noticeable music of the movie is given by Joby Talbot. Movie has got a solid voice cast with Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon at the lead. It was released in United States on 21 December 2016. The film is received well by audience and you can Watch Sing free online for discovering an entertainment package.

Sing Movie Synopsis:
A place where animals live just like humans, an optimistic koala named as Buster Moon owns a big theater and being money minded, he is into making money through show business. Buster is not that good financially and that’s why he tries to use that theater for hosting a singing competition. Buster with his friend Eddie Noodleman declares a prize money of $1,000. Mistakenly, Ms. Crawley, who is Buster’s assistant, puts two more zeroes in the prize money declaration resulting in show fliers flaunting $100,000.

Buster gets popular all around the city and animals from every corner start coming for auditions. Selected candidates includes Rosita voiced by Reese Witherspoon, a housewife and mother; Mike voiced by Seth Macfarlane, who is street musician; and Ash voiced by Scarlett Johansson, who is a punk rock fan. Buster eventually gets to know that flyers are showing $100,000, on which, rather than getting worried, he stays optimistic. He also manages to get a sponsor for prize money. Eddie’s grandmother who is also a big opera singer, first gets a little hesitant but then agrees to sponsor the prize money.

Meena is quite encouraged from her grandfather and asks Buster for a chance. Some participants gets cancelled and that gave her a shot. In the course this show happens, series of events take place and Buster’s theater is broken apart from some bears. Buster used to live at the office desk of theater and now he just starts living at Eddie’s place. Contestants used to visit him to cheer him up but Buster was not in them at all. Buster then thinks of opening a car wash. Meena one day goes to theater and starts singing Hallelujah which gives Buster an inspiration to start the theater again. This time without a prize money, he again brings those cheers back in theater and this show becomes a huge success. Nana is an audience guy who loves the show and buys the theater to give it a grand opening again.

Sing Movie Voice Cast:
Voice delivery in Sing is perfect with Matthew McConaughey leading with voice over of Buster Moon. Reese Witherspoon is giving voice to a domestic pig named Rosita. Scarlett Johansson is a punk rock lover named Ash. Other than these, John C Reilly plays Eddie, Seth Macfarlane gives voices for a small white rat Mike and Tori kelly is playing Meena who is a teenage elephant from India with beautiful voice. All other voice cast have brilliant presentation of expressions and you can watch Sing free online anytime to find it out yourself.

Sing Movie Review:
Film is doing well on charts as the viewers are concerned. It is a colorful animation of strong voice cast performing well at every level of entertainment. Based on a total 121 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes is flaunting 69% rating and an average 6.5 on a scale of 10. The audience poll on CinemaScore gave it an A on the grade scale of A+ to F. overall, it is a fantastic treat of music with some fun and entertainment in it. Holding a solid voice cast, it performs as per its title. Some critics have given it a mixed review but as the film is performing in theaters, that doesn’t matter at all.

Sing Movie: Focus on News:

“Sing Beats Passengers and Assassin’s Creed”
Opening against few very popular names, the animated outing of Universal Pictures Sing has made it big on box office ending weekend with $35.3 million and a total six day collection of $75.5 million from 4,022 theaters. This is second highest opening at this quarter of the year after Rogue One.

“Sing Makes it Big After Being a Budget Film of $75 million”
With the latest news after 2 January, Universal Pictures Sing has gone to $180.9 million on US and Canadian charts and a $103.7 million on there other theaters. Sing has become a high grossing film with overall of $284.6 million from all over the globe with a very small budget of $75 milion.

Sing, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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