In this Action-Drama motion picture, an undercover Police officer from Las Vegas ends up on a sleepless one-night quest to rescue his son from homicidal gangsters while dealing with a corrupt mob-controlled department.

After an unfortunate turn of events following an unsuccessful heist, a Police officer takes it upon himself to release his teenage son from captivity and escape an investigation from the Internal Affairs in one eventful night. Officer Vincent Downs not only ends up facing the most infamous gangster in the city but other notorious criminals, often in the garb of Police offers. Running parallel is a connected sub-plot, which examines a Detective investigating a busted drug raid, and gives rise to a conspiracy within the thriller.

Sleepless Movie Introduction:
Sleepless is a reproduction of the 2012 French Suspense-Thriller, Sleepless Night, with the essential plot line and characters remaining the same. The English film Sleepless is directed by Baran bo Odar, who is eminently known for the 2014 Sci-Fi release ‘Who Am I’. It was released on the 13th of January, 2017 in the United States. The background score and soundtracks have been managed by Michael Kamm while the Screenplay has been provided by Andrea Berloff. Sleepless is primarily produced by Open Road Films in a joint venture with Vertigo Entertainment and Riverstone Pictures.

Sleepless Movie Synopsis:
Vincent Downs, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, is an honorable Police Officer from the Las Vegas Police Department who manages to steal a shipment full of cocaine which originally belongs to Stanley Rubino, played by Dermot Mulroney. Rubino, however, incidentally works in close quarters with Rob Novak, the gangster son of an influential mob boss. In order to clear his name from the incident, Downs voluntarily decides to investigate the matter. However, he cannot evade the suspicion rising from the Internal Affairs department, with Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) and Doug Dennison (David Harbour) convinced of Downs’ participation in the cocaine robbery. An interesting affair which comes into gradual view is Downs being part of the undercover team on behalf of the Internal Affairs to bring the crime ring to justice. His devotion to the Department, unfortunately, becomes the reason for behind his separation with his wife Dena, enacted by Gabrielle Union.

The story unravels with Thomas, Vincent’s son, being kidnapped by Rubino, who then demands his cocaine back after stabbing Vincent in the abdomen. As per instruction, Vincent places the stolen Cocaine inside a ventilation shaft in a bathroom in Rubino’s casino. Incidentally, Detective Bryant follows him and moves the cocaine to a women’s locker room. Downs consequently formulates a strategy of presenting Rubino with a ruse of presenting sugar instead of the cocaine but is unfortunately exposed by Novak which leads to Thomas being recaptured. Somehow, though, Vincent manages to flee.

After escaping as a security guard, Vincent is chased by Bryant into one of the hotel rooms where the latter discovers the truth about Downs. When Bryant decides to lead him into the locker room, they find that the bag of cocaine has been removed. Unaware of Downs’s truth, Detective Dennison attacks Vincent but is counter-attacked by Vincent and left unconscious. Simultaneously, Thomas escapes from captivity and steals a cellphone from Rubino in order to contact Vincent. Vincent’s ex-wife Dena also finds out about the entire ordeal and sets out for the casino to save Thomas and Vincent.

Things start looking better when Vincent’s partner in crime Cass saves Downs from Novak’s forces but is assumed dead after being shot. Soon it is revealed that Dennison works on clandestine terms with Novak. Dennison subsequently murders Cass when he refuses to answer if Vincent was aware of the former’s involvement with Novak. Luckily, Vincent manages to escape with his son during a shootout in the casino and find refuge in the parking garage. Amidst all the ruckus, Bryant successfully arrests Rubino.

The film progresses with another violent shootout between Vincent and Thomas against Novak and his men in a stolen car. Vincent critically shoots Novak and informs her of Dennison’s corrupt involvement. Dennison vengefully shoots Bryant and Rubino in a police cruiser which crashes in the process. Meanwhile, Dena effectively kills off a few of Novak’s men.

After the cruiser crash, Bryant survives and reveals the truth about Dennison, who is arrested on a warrant by the arriving police forces. The film ends with a climax where Downs and Bryant congratulate each other on their victory in the hospital. While things finally take a turn for the better, an immoral DEA Agent notifies Novak’s father about the recent ordeal. To know how the story unfolds further, watch Sleepless free online.

Sleepless Movie Star Cast:
The film definitely deserves a thumbs up for its choice of casting. The lead has been promisingly enacted by Jamie Foxx, who raised audience expectations right from Django Unchained. The cast has been supplemented by star actors including Michelle Monaghan and Gabrielle Union. Universally eminent rapper T.I. also makes an appearance in this film as Vincent’s partner Sean Cass. The audience has also been expectantly waiting for a fine comeback by Dermot Mulroney as one of the villains at the forefront, Rubino.

Sleepless Movie Review:
Sleepless, in spite of banking heavily on a talented cast, lagged behind as far as 8th in the box office in its opening week. It also received poorly rated reviews from most of the film critics. Sleepless failed to advance further than 15% in a rating conducted on Rotten Tomatoes. Considering around 30 reviews, the film established an average rating of only 4.2 out of a probable 10 point mark. On other sites, including Metacritic and CinemaScore, the film could not surpass a mediocre B+ grade.

Sleepless Movie: Focus on News
“Sleepless fails to maintain the essence of its French Thriller counterpart”
Releasing in 1,803 theaters all around the United States, Sleepless was anticipated to collect $10 million in revenue in its first weekend. However, due to weak execution and poor reviews, the film only managed to gross $8.5 million, standing 8th in the race alongside other releases.

Sleepless, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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