Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfs: The Lost Village

A reboot movie of the very popular Belgian comic series by Peyo rather than a sequel to the 2 previous live action Smurfs films by Sony pictures.

Smurfs the lost village is the story of how smurfette, hefty smurf, brainy and clumsy smurf find a map which leads them to a lost village which is led by smurf willow, smurf storm, smurf blossom and smurf lily and all work together to stop the vicious gargamel and his cat azrael from destroying everybody and their villages.

Smurfs: The Lost Village Movie Introduction:
A few weeks after they had announced that the production of smurfs 2 was underway there was plans for a third sequel and scripting was already in development, Hank Azaria the then gargamel for the live action series had said that the third film would deal with the origins of how the smurfs came to form. It was confirmed later that the third film would be fully computer animated and not live action with Kelly Asbury being announced as the films director and Stacey Harman and Pamela ribbon as the films writers. The film finally released on 26th march 2017.

Smurfs: The Lost Village Movie Synopsis:
The story begins in the smurf village which Is led by an overly protective but elder papa smurf (played by mandy patinkin) who is very learned and wise in character. Some of the smurfs who live in the village along with papa smurf include hefty smurf, clumsy smurf, brainy smurf and smurfette, a smurf who was created by gargamel from a lump of clay and tries to find her purpose in life, they are voiced by joe manganiello, jack mcbrayer, danny pudi and demi lovato respectively.

After a playful and fun day the four of them travel to the forbidden forest, a place which papa smurf does not allow anyone to go after being led by a blue creature which is able to hide itself using a leaf after which they lose sight of it and are caught by gargamel to help him find the once lost village using the hat dropped by the creature and luckily escape, once home they are caught by papa smurf and reprimanded by him and are confined to stay in their homes.

Smurfette being the character she is sneakily escapes and along with her hefty, clumsy and brainy decide to tag along, what happens next is a series of adventures where they even befriend a rabbit named bucky and continue on their way to find the lost village. When going along the river in a raft they encounter gargamel, azrael and his pet bird monty, they try to help him afterward but are thrown out of their raft and plunge into the waterfall.

Papa smurf once realizing his mistake tries to reconcile with the four of them but he finds them missing and sets out to find them. Once they wake up they are rescued by those blue creatures who they had seen before and they reveal themselves to be female smurfs and are taken to the village known as smurfy grove led by smurf willow (voiced by Julia Roberts) who welcome smurfette especially as she is a female. She meets smurf blossom who is a very funny and hyperactive smurf played by ellie kemper, a calm smurf lily played by ariel winter and a street smart smurf named smurf storm played by michelle rodriguez.

Once showing them around they discover that smurfette was made using clay by gargamel. Before they are able to report that papa smurf comes into the village and is accepted by everybody and soon enough gargamel discovers their village and destroys it and captures every smurf including papa smurf but he doesn’t catch smurfette who feels that this is all her fault and decides to correct everything by heading to gargamel’s lair and rescuing everybody.

After being captured, brainy smurf makes a plan to escape and papa smurf and smurf willow plan to help them. Gargamel notices them and a few female smurfs are put into the accelerator to extract their essence. Smurfette arrives and later tricks gargamel into being evil and by using the smurfs powers sends him, azrael and monty into a lake and eventually destroys his lair saving them all and turning to her original clay form which saddens everybody. she is finally restored back to power and they live together where smurfette finally finds her purpose she was always looking for that is to be anybody she desires to be.

To enjoy this animated fantasy, you can watch Smurfs: The Lost Village and discover for yourself how their world is unique and different.

Smurfs: The Lost Village Movie Star-casts:
The cast is filled with performances by energetic and varied types of characters who show different kinds of emotions.
Demi Lovato who plays the main protagonist shows how a female oriented character fits into the smurf world and can be a hero when needed. It is supported by quite funny performances by joe manganiello, jack mcbrayer and danny pudi. Ellie kemper especially is very funny with her varied voice tones and lines. The two leaders played by Julia Roberts and mandy patinkin are as their characters portray wise and calm. You can watch Smurfs: The Lost Village online and see how you like the cast performance.

Smurfs: The Lost Village Movie Review:
The reviews to Smurfs: the lost village was mixed to positive where rotten tomatoes gave it an approval rating of 40% based on 68 reviews and an average rating of 4.8/10 on the rt scale. The review says that the animation and story may impress hardcore smurfaholics but it continues the franchise’s mediocre streak. Owen Gleiberman of Variety said “It’s a pure digital fantasy, with elegant and tactile animation, so it’s more true to the Smurf spirit, and should perform solidly. For your own opinions and reviews you can watch watch Smurfs: The Lost Village online for your viewing pleasure and see how it fares according to you.

Smurfs: The Lost Village: Focus on News

“Smurfs’ and ‘Going in Style’ are no match for ‘Boss Baby’ at box office”
Smurfs: the lost village was overtaken by alec baldwin and his film the boss baby as it raked in a profit of $26.3 million, more than what the analysts projected at $25 million. The smurfs movie however took 3rd place making $14.1 million, analysts had projected less than 20 million for this reboot.

“Kelly Asbury’s ‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ Makes a Colorful Dive into the World of Peyo”
Sony pictures reboot of the popular Belgian comic franchise takes a new animated and colorful flavor. The director Kelly Asbury said that he wanted to bring the franchise back where the live action series couldn’t make it.

Smurfs: The Lost Village, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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