An American action comedy film in which polar- opposite mother and daughter get kidnapped while spending their vacation in Ecuador. During the vacation the mother and the daughter try working on their relation and strengthen it and they also try escaping the jungle together. This movie is a complete squawking girl power comedy.

This story is about an eccentric woman who convinces her reluctant and fretful mother to join her on an extravagant vacation which she had probably planned with her boyfriend but they broke up just on the eve of the vacation. However, their trip becomes an adventure when they try escaping from an attempted kidnapping. The movie also tried to bring to notice the selfishness of the generation with Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) continuously taking pictures and talking on the phone. The co- writer Katie Dipploid said that the movie was inspired by her own relationship with her mother and thus it is clearly seen how some relations can never be left behind.

Snatched Movie Synopsis
This mismatched- buddy comedy movie featuring Goldie Hawn as Linda who is seen in her first film since 2002 as an anxious, fretful, reluctant mother and Amy Shcumer as Emily who is an impetuous dreamer, daughter of Linda and in her early 30’s. The mother daughter relationship is however not that great but after their trip to South Africa it gets strengthened. Emily and Linda are seen struggling to get out from one wacky situation but again gets stuck into another problematic situation. Emily is a self- centered, selfish but fun to be with girl. She gets fired from the retail job and then after few days she gets dumped by her boyfriend just on the eve of their planned trip to South Africa and since the trip is non-refundable she has to find someone who can accompany her. After being rejected by all her friends she finally tries convincing her mother for the trip. Her mother is completely reluctant for the trip but seeing her daughter convincing so much she agrees to join her. Her mother, Linda lived at the family’s suburban home with Emily’s brother. The bond between the mother and the daughter is not much strong. During the trip Emily flirts at the hotel bar with a charming man who is a British and this got the mother and daughter in trouble as the two of them finds themselves being kidnapped by brown skin guys. Both the women shift out of their comfort zone and come closer to each other while trying to get out of the situation. Emily being dumped by her boyfriend was definitely not that saddening as it led to discover the love she had for her mother. The emotions depicted in this movie are made humorous making it completely a fish-out- of- water comedy.

Snatched Movie Star Cast
The casting for Snatched was quiet great. Both Amy Shcumer as Emily and Goldie Hawn as Linda did justice to their role. The cast had provided a great amount of laughter and the two women showed their great caliber of talent. Besides, the supporting actors too were outstanding. The chemistry of the two women in the entire movie is up to the mark and worth watching.

Snatched Movie Review
The review of this film by the website Rotten Tomato had 36% based on 114 reviews and an average rating of 5.3 / 10. The film got a B on an A+ to F scale which is definitely not bad for a one time watch. The movie had extremely talented stars but their role was not enough to compensate the unplanned plot line of the movie. Besides this the jokes in the film were more towards being gross rather than being clever. The film was rated R for crude sexual content and brief nudity and the language used.

Snatched Movie: Focus on News

‘‘The movie Snatched was not able to reach the production budget of $42 million.’’
Snatched had grossed around $19 million in the United States of America and Canada and $3.2 million in Canada. It could not make up against the production budget as it only earned $15- 20 million during its opening weekend.

‘‘The film released alongside King Arthur and The Legend of the Sword and was previewed in 3,501 theaters.’’
The film made $675,000 from Thursday night preview and came second at the box office behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 with a debut of $19.5 million and expanding in 3,501 theatres.

Snatched, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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