One of the top contractors Edward Snowden quits his job in the National Security Agency. He comes to know that loads of virtual data are being assembled for the purpose of tracking all forms of digital communication including terrorist groups, foreign governments and also ordinary Americans. When he decides to leak this confidential information, he is looked upon as a traitor to some and hero to others.

The movie Snowden is a biographical political thriller film. It is based on the books ‘The time of the Octopus’ by Anatoly Kucherena and ‘The Snowden Flies’ by Luke Harding. The film Snowden was screened at Comic-Con on July 21st, 2016. It was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival 2016. The film was officially released on September 16th, 2016.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt teams up with the director Oliver Stone to deliver this awesome movie. The movie is produced by Eric Kopeloff, Fernando Sulichin, Moritz Borman and Philip Schulz Doyle. The screenplay of the movie is made by Kieran Fitzgerald and Oliver Stone. The music in the movie is delivered by Craig Armstrong. With a budget of around 40 million dollars, the movie is released on September 9th, 2016.

Snowden Movie Synopsis:

At a hotel, Laura Poitras who is a documentary filmmaker meets Glenn Greenwald who is a columnist. In the lobby of the hotel, they meet Edward Snowden who is the protagonist of the movie. Snowden invites both of them to his hotel room to document everything that led up to that moment. Snowden was listed as a candidate in the Special Forces in the year 2004. During a drill, he broke his legs and suffered from an injury. The doctor upon treating him informs that his legs are gravely injured. The doctor warns him that if he lands on his legs again then the bones in his legs would turn into powder. With this incident, Snowden is discharged from the military.

Amid the year 2006, Snowden began preparing for one of the positions at the Central Intelligence Agency. He began preparing under Corbin O’Brian. To start with a trial of Snowden is to tackle an issue utilizing a succession. Snowden finishes the test first and presents his work to O’Brian. Snowden takes care of the issue by leaving request. Brian including whatever remains of his cohorts is amazed by his approach. Hank Forrester, a teacher becomes friends with Snowden and he has more impact on Snowden more than O’Brian. Snowden begins talking with a young lady named Lindsay Mills whom he finds on the web. They meet one fine day and go for a stroll in the recreation center where they wind up kissing each other.

On June fourth, 2013 in Hong Kong, the gathering Snowden, Greenwald, and Poitras are joined by Ewen MacAskill, a knowledge journalist who works at The Guardian. The editorial manager Janine Gibson is passed on the story that Snowden lets him know. Back in the year 2007, Snowden is sent to keep up the security of PC systems in Geneva, Switzerland. Lindsay goes along with him on the outing and meets a CIA specialist who helps him with the assignment.
Snowden and Lindsay go to a gathering where there are numerous negotiators and exceptional visitors. He needs to discover a financier why should prepare give reconnaissance. Snowden meets a broker called Marwan Al-Kirmani with the assistance of Lindsay. Snowden discovers that Marwan’s points of interest are being gazed upward to get his own data. CIA is building up a program that permits to keep an eye on individuals through specific focal points notwithstanding when they are not being used. They find that Marwan’s girl is a man who is going behind her back with another lady and they are living in the US illicitly.

At an inn, Snowden meets Marwan Al-Kirmani with another specialist. Marwan is frustrated and gets tanked as his little girl’s life partner and his mom got ousted. Snowden chooses to leave CIA in the wake of perceiving how unethical the general population is in the organization. He illuminates to Lindsay that he is feeling in charge of the lives of excessively numerous individuals.

In 2009, Snowden begins filling in as a manager for Dell in PC framework redesigns at NSA. He needs to go to Tokyo for a task and Lindsay is combined up with him once more. There Snowden acts as a subcontractor and advice the authorities with respect to the insurance of the framework from Chinese programmers.

In the year 2013, Janine shows resistance in publishing the documents of Snowden whose ideas clashes with Greenwald. In the year 2012, Snowden starts working for Booz Hamilton. Here, he finds that the administration spies on the people in the name of programs. So he starts collecting the documents to gather proof for the same. Snowden successfully retrieves the files when there is an issue at work. Snowden downloads all the required files without anyone noticing. He conceals the files as a drive of the square of Rubik’s cube and pushes it to the gate men. These documents of Snowden has spread like a wildfire all over the world. Snowden is seen as a traitor by many and is made to forcefully leave the country.

In the climax scene, Snowden is shown addressing the audience with the help of a monitor that operates under remote control. He says that he hopes to get back to the US to give a fair trial yet that is not going to happen in the near future. He mentions that he hasn’t felt any regret so far and did what is right.

Snowden movie star casts:

Joseph Gordon- Levitt is portrayed as Edward Snowden, the protagonist of the movie. Shailene Woods plays the role of Lindsay Mills. Melissa Leo acts as Laura Poitras and Zachary Quinto as Glenn Greenwald. Rhys Ifans acts as Corbin O’Brian the man who assigned Snowden his first assignment. Janine Gibson’s character is played by Joely Gibson.

Snowden Movie Review:

The movie received a pool of mixed reviews from the critics. Gordon’s performance was praised a lot. The film is rated a 6.4 out of 10. The movie’s budget is 40 million dollars and grossed around 24 million dollars all over the world. The movie is said to be the lowest opening in the career of Oliver Stone.

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One of the sites reviewed that ‘Snowden is based on a thrilling performance by Joseph and the director played safe with the story.’

The movie is rated a 3 out of 4 stars by Richard Roeper. He mentioned that ‘The character Snowden works best when he was in the room with the three journalists or when he exposed the practices of the government’.

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