Storks is an animated story of baby delivering business in a town named cornerstone which is full of humour and wit.

The Storks made it to the ramp on 23rd September 2016 through Warner Bros. Pictures. It is about a place known as Cornerstone which was famous for delivering babies. Seeing no profit in this business, the CEO converts the company to a postal service. Throughout the entire fantasy venture, you get to know that characters hold funniest lines up their sleeves.

The production of the movie is done by Warner Animation Group, Ratpac-Dune Entertainment and Stoller Global Solutions. The movie is co-directed by Stoller and Sweetland as the plan originally hyped in January 2013. The studio lent the Nicholas stoller to put pen to paper whereas Doug Sweetland was also connected with the movie. As said earlier about the shifting of business from baby delivering to packages, the story takes turn when an order for a baby comes out, and the finest delivery Stork has to rush to mend the fault through sending the infant.

It is a short story about 90 minutes. But in such an acute period the whole movie take you to the world of imaginations, innovations and fantasy. The movie opens with a place recognized by delivering babies and the storks as workforce there, Cornerstone. To drop the business of delivering babies and initiate the postal service’s earns the more profit for the CEO of Cornerstone, named as Hunter. Before the end of the baby’s business, they produce a baby named as Tulip occupied by the company itself. Tulip starts working when she was a teen and start upholding new ways for Cornerstone, but the ideas never went as planned. Thus, due to the losses made by the Tulip, the CEO, who is about to become chairman ordered the junior, top delivery stork of Cornerstone to release the Tulip? Junior was about to be promoted but his heart didn’t agree to discharge Tulip as she is very hard working. So, he got a way and diverts Tulip that she is promoted to a new post and now she has to work in the mail room. There was a demand generated for a baby from earth a letter comes to the Tulip. He produces a baby girl from machine despite the unwillingness of Junior and named her as Diamond Destiny.

They took diamond to send her to the home she was meant to but they were captured by two wolves named as Alpha and Beta.

Here in Cornerstone, an employee Pigeon Toady comes to know about this production and reveal it before the Hunter. Now the pigeon and hunter both go after them. Meanwhile, Tulip and Junior run to jasper, which was guilty for Tulip being orphaned. Tulip and Junior killed the Hunter. Junior organized the storks to deliver the babies to the families who wanted. Tulip also finds her own family.

Katie Crown as Tulip has an appealing character. Kelsey Grammer as Hunter, has also taken the movie to a great level whereas Andy Samberg as Junior is the perfect in supporting character.

The movie did not go as it was expected by the experts but it did much better than that. As the movie is full of fantasies and surprises, it is loved by kids but it is recommended to everyone. As an adult, you might find few forced funny scenes at the beginning but they start flowing perfectly as the movie progresses. It is hard to name someone as the lead of the movie but you can say that movie actually takes a new height when baby girl was introduced.

The trailer of the movie had a very brief intro to the storks and baby making machine so no one expected quite a funny story out of it. The idea though is never to make sense or logic. But hey, it’s a fantasy animation and anything can happen in that world. For someone looking for a good laugh, this is the movie this session you should watch online, but for those who are always looking to make sense in things; this might not be a good choice. The whole movie revolves around the cute characters. It shows why we should love our families more than giving priority to our careers.

Storks, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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