When the fourth film of the breakup series was released earlier, the horror comedy was once again going on. After this, director Amar Kaushik debuted in the film through the woman. The famous filmmaker Raj and DK duo wrote a story and produced it in Dinesh Vijan’s production. The movie trailer has been highly appreciated. Read Review

Story :

The story of the film is based on the location of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, where Vicky (Rajkumar Rao) lives with his friend Bittu (Aparashakti Khurana) and Jana (Abhishek Banerjee). Wiki has a sewing shop. Many twists and turns come in the story when Rudra (Pankaj Tripathi) lives in Chanderi. Rudra tells these three friends about the Chanderi Purana and the truth behind it. In the meantime, Vicky gets love in the eyes from Shraddha Kapoor. The situation of the village starts to get disturbed when it comes to the fact that there is a woman coming in, which only men disappear, only their clothes remain. After all, who is the woman and why she disappears to the men, you will have to see the film to know it.

Why should you watch the movie?:

The story of the movie is fine. The screenplay is also well written, because of this it remains interested in every moment. The film’s direction is good and the location is great, due to which you are afraid of a moment and the second moment also comes to laugh. Many times it happens that the characters are scared and you keep stomach and laugh. The film’s twist is also awesome. Pankaj Tripathi has done a very good acting, the same Rajkumar Rao once again told him why he is called a good actor. Rajkumar’s work is amazing. Abhishek Bannerjee and Aparashakti Khurana have also acted smoothly, with this Shraddha Kapoor’s work is also fine. The good thing about the film is its speed, which does not bore you. The story also attracts attention towards some of the important issues. Direction of Amar Kaushik is very good.

Weak Links

The film’s songs could not be hit before the release, but the crackdown may be that the makers may have to take up for the opening, but there is a sense in the story, due to which the Word of mouth will benefit. Climax probably did not like everyone.

Box Office:

The film’s budget is being told about Rs 30 crore. It is being released from more than 1500 screens. At the same time, Dharmendra’s Yamla Pagla Deewana is being released again, due to which the business of both the films will have an impact and the better film will be appreciated more.

Stree, 5.5 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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