The Accountant

The Accountant

A math savant working as a freelance accountant for the most dangerous criminal organizations of the world.

The Accountant is based on a mathematics savant Christian Wolff, a guy having more affection for numbers than humans. Inside a small town CPA office, he is working as a freelance accountant for some world popular criminal organizations. This is turning out to be one of the strangest action movies. Ben Affleck is really good with his character as Christian Wolff and movie is getting a good response from viewers.

The director Gavin O’Connor has given us brilliant movies in the past (Warrior is my favorite). It is written by Bill Dubuque known for The Judge. In this movie, he has placed an all-star cast to make something unusual in action movies. You can say that accountant knows crime, drama and finally action but it doesn’t masters on one. That is good and may be by far the best movie of the year but Gavin O’Connor failed to give it that edge what other movies of its kind have like Godfather, Scarface etc. Still, being totally different from its trailer shows, you should give it a watch if you have loved number games with crime action and drama.

Christian Wolff is a man capable of processing 15 years corporate account ledgers in less than 15 hours, and that without a computer or even a calculator. Now the same man is capable of shooting sniper rifle perfectly and is as good killing machine as he is a mathematician.

Affleck has made sure that Chris is portrayed as an Accountant and not as an action superstar. He hides his muscular bod behind some good business-wears and wire-rimmed glasses. Chris always finds it hard to keep a direct eye contact with other characters, including, Anna Kendrick. He lives alone and never wants people to get into his space. A space in which only he is comfortable. Behind everyone’s eyes, Chris is actually a freelance accountant for dangerous organizations. He is somewhere, by helping those nefarious forces, is fighting for good, making him an autistic hero with a staid suit.

The backstory is portrayed very slow and sometimes, few things seem unnecessary. In the back story, you get to know why Chris is alone and why he only have single silverware set. He is no one until he gets into the mathematics things and our current Batman comes out as another superhero. Chris is hired by a big company to find out who is stealing its money. As I mentioned above, it might be the best movie you will have in this year but you should get ready for few illogical drama, like in one scene, where Anna Kendrick is turned on just by his math speed.

There are few memorable action sequences that are treat to watch. Like in one scene where Chris gets a belt while fighting to a knife. Some well choreographed skirmishes and some genuinely moving action certainly gets Chris as an autistic action hero. But, few people have negatives about the final part of the movie. The reason being movie’s confusion of how to show good in a bad guy. And forcing few tragedies and making Chris look more into himself, storyline gives him a father who he lost in childhood and for making it more dramatic, he gets another one to lose him too.

Movie does have a great star cast which makes it a success. Gavin brings the Whiplash actor J.K. Simmons, the Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal. And finally, John Lithgow, who is a perfect fit in the villain’s role. The writer of the film is unknown to most of the people because his only major project other than this one is The Judge of Robert Downey. Direction is quite simple but an all-star cast takes it to the heights.

For few of the critics, it was a waste of superb cast and for some, it is an enjoyable movie. I think that those with second opinion are right. There is not as many action scenes as any other action movie, but scenes included are quite good. Working for some international crime kings, Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff is great at his role. Bill Dubuque has done really well with his only second major project. And the none other than Warrior director, Gavin O’Conor brings up multiple small stories to bring a bigger one.

The only thing is that it is also the same when you talk about action movies and its lead character. These characters are always shown working in routines and making not too many contacts with anyone. Though, unlike other action movies The Accountant has the savant syndrome.
The opening is quite good for the movie with a lot of mixed reviews. However, if we talk about O’Connor’s best movie, it is still Tom hardy and Joel Edgerton starrer Warrior. On a scale of ten, I would rate The Accountant seven and will recommend everyone who is in a good mood to watch it.

The Accountant, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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