The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment is a story where the employees in a corporate called Belko Corporation are trapped inside the building and the situations get worse with time.

The story revolves around the day where the employees in Belko Corporation are captivated inside their own building. The horrific sequence of incidents follow. A lot of bloodsheds is shown in the movie as there as blasts and killings that happen in the building when it is being controlled by the unknown entity. They are made to kill each other and are given other deadly tasks if they want to come out alive of the sealed building.

The Belko Experiment Movie Introduction:
The Belko Experiment is directed by Greg McLean and is written by a renowned scriptwriter James Gunn. The movie was produced by the production house named Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and also The Safran Company and Troll Court Entertainment. The Belko Experiment was made from the budget of around $5 million and it earned approximately $8.1 million after it was released on September 10, 2016. It was distributed by the Orion Pictures United States and other countries of the world.

The Belko Experiment Movie Synopsis:
The story revolves the office campus of Belko Corporations. It is a remote office that is placed in Bogota in Columbia and the basic aim of the company is a non-profit organization. But even after a year, they have hardly achieved any goal. One of their employee Mike Milch comes to the office to find new guards and the staff that are also Columbian. Dany, a new employee comes to know that every employee has a tracking system placed on the base of their skull so that the company can track them in case they are kidnapped or found missing.

After a year or so passes, on one of the days, when the local staff is gone and also the security guards have left, the doors automatically get sealed from outside locking all the members of the office inside the campus itself. After this, there is a call on the intercom which instructs the members to kill two of them or else they will have to face some deadly consequences. In the beginning, they take this as some prank but the situation gets worse when there are explosions in the building leaving many of them dead. This is the time where the employees are horrified and have put their heart in the mouth.
Following the explosions in the building, the unknown voices demand that 30 members of the surviving sixty should die in the coming two hours window. Failing to this, all the sixty employees will be killed. Employees make two teams led by Mike and Barry who is the boss of the company. Both of them have conflicting ideas. Mike believes that no one should be killed or harmed whereas the boss, Barry believes that the thirty of them should die in order to protect the other 30 members who are not under threat.
Employees keep their calm and work strategically. They take measures to make sure that no one is able to look inside the building and then they call for help. Barry gets insane and out of his mind and starts killing 30 employees one by one with weapons. Dany, the new employee cuts the power to save Mike.

The situation gets filled with bloodshed as Barry starts shooting the employees who tried to flee from the situation. Soon, the window of two hours runs out and there is another command directing that the member who kills maximum people will come out alive. Mike and Danny hide inside a cabinet and Mike shoot, Barry. He also takes out other employees with exploding elements and firearms. Mike becomes the person with highest kills and he is then taken to the warehouse where he finds the man who has control of all the switches of the trackers placed inside the head of all 80 employees.
The man claims that he is a social scientist and is experimenting to learn about human nature. Mike goes and turns the switch of the tracker inside the man’s head and the one’s on his side. Mike is in shock and leaves stunned from the situation. He then hears a voice that says “Stage 1 is completed and Stage 2 will now begin”.

The Belko Experiment Movie Cast:
The lead role is played by John Gallagher Jr. whose character’s name is Micheal ‘Mike’ Milch. Along with John, Tony Goldwyn plays the role of Mike’s boss Barry. Supporting female role is played by Adria Arjona who plays the role of Leandra. Melonie Diaz plays the role of Dany. Watch The Belko Experiment free online and judge for yourself.

The Belko Experiment Movie Review:
Rotten Tomatoes has rated the movie 4.2 out of 10 stars. The people and critics were not happy either. The director had failed to put the story in an effective manner. Though, you can watch The Belko Experiment free online and make a decision of your own.

The Belko Experiment Movie: Focus On News

‘The Belko Experiment’ gruesome but effective
The movie is pretty gruesome honestly. There is a lot of killing that takes place in the movie. The movie is rated R for the same reason. There are blood, nastiness, and involvement of language that aims at sexual violence. The Belko Blood is not very creatively made but if someone is a big fan of action and bloodshed, they can watch The Belko Experiment free online.

‘The Belko Experiment” misses opportunities to build story
Many critics across the globe have said the same thing about the movie. Many of the viewers had same opinions too. The movie has missed entertaining the major part of viewers. The storyline is good but the way it was directed and produced by the team, does not really say well about the production team too. Plus, the movie was too nasty for people to watch and they leave the theaters in between the movies. It was another mainstream direction even though the storyline was unique. Let us hope that the sequel which is releasing in 2017 has a better impact on the audience.

The Belko Experiment, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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