The Big Sick

The Big Sick

A comedy saga that revolves around a person and his struggles around his romantic affairs.

During a comedy show the protagonist of the movie played by Kumail Nanijani comes across an American graduate student named. The American graduate student and the protagonist soon develop feelings for each other and their chemistry intensifies over the course of time. The American graduate not being a Muslim and parents of Kumail Nanijani’s character stringent and are Muslims cause Kumail Nanijani to become worried about his relationship. Things change drastically when the American graduate falls ill and finally she sweeps into coma. During this period the protagonist also develops strong and new bonds with his parents. Watch The Big Sick online to know more about the happening.

The Big Sick Introduction
The Big Sick is a 124 minutes long romantic comedy movie. The Big Sick is directed by skilful and visionary director Michael Showalter. The Big Sick is produced by Judd Apatow and Barry Mendel. Story was put on table by Kumail Nanijani and Emily V. Gordon themselves. There is a dextrous cast which act and illustrate art with perfection, watch The Big Sick online to experience emotions like never before of by the star cast. Music is done by Michael Andrews. Cinematography was under the supervision of Brian Burgoyne. Editing was perfected by Robert Nassau. Production companies that helped to make this dream possible are FilmNation Entertainment and Apatow Productions. The Big Sick is distribution rights sold like hot cakes and were bought by Amazon Studios and Lionsgate. The movie was released on 20 January, 2017 in Sundance festival and was finally released on 23 June, 2017 in United States.

The Big Sick Movie Synopsis
The movie is set in Chicago where Kumail is a comedian living and doing stand-up comedy. The protagonist of the movie drives Uber in his free time. Strict traditional parents of Kumail are constantly bugging him for marriage and hook him up with. Kumail don’t like it. One day during a show Kumail meets Emily. They have an intense chemistry initially but they later decide that they should not date each other. Kumail and Emily end up dating together where Kumail’s family is strictly against this idea since start and wanted a muslim woman as a wife of Kumail.
Parents of Kumail had a list of girls for Kumail but Emily discovers it and then Kumail ends up admitting that he is not sure about the future of this relationship.

Emily falls ill and advised for a medically induced coma. This coma unravels many truths about the past of Beth and Terry. There are many complications in their life and they discuss in a humorous manner. The condition of Emily gets worse and this causes outcry of Beth to opt a different hospital. Many things are unravelled now and Beth and Terry’s past is full of dishonesty.
There were problems even after Emily awoke from the coma and one day while Kumail is performing in Chicago Emily is standing in the audience. To know what happens watch The Big Sick online and Rent The Big Sick Movie at

The Big Sick Movie Star Cast
Every act was piece of art and it was only possible because of the exceptionally talented and artistic cast of The Big Sick. Having experience of many years and talented Kumail Nanjiani act as Kumail. Kumail is the protagonist of the movie. Glamorous and talented Zoe Kazan is casted as Emily. She is the American graduate. Holly Hunter shine as Beth. The character of Terry is played by dashing actor Ray Romano. Adeel Akhtar act as Naveed. Zenobia Shroff shine in the role of Sharmeen. Anupan Kher delivers a legendary performance in the role of Azmat. CJ is played by bubbly Bo Burnham. Mary acts as Aidy Bryant. Jessie is played by Rebecca Naomi Jones. Chris come into movie as Kurt Braunohler. The cast of the movie is small but big gifts come in small packages. The movie’s cast is a strong pillar and a reason for its success. Watch The Big Sick online to witness legendary performances by actors and actresses.

The Big Sick Movie Review
Consequence of Sound rated the movie a full score and appreciated the movie for flow and acting. Dominick Suzanne Mayer clapped for the emotional illustrations. The Big Sick got a metascore of 87 out of 100. Matt singer gave a score of 90 from ScreenCrush and called the movie relatable. Geoff Berkshire from Variety appreciated the movie for the above reasons and gave it 90. Eric Kohn from Indiewire gave the movie an 87 and appraised it. Noel Murray from The Playlist gave the movie an 83 and called it to be a great movie without any star actor. Dan Mecca from the Film stage gave the movie an 83 calling it a nice comedy. New York Magazine gave it an 80 and called it splendid. The Big Sick got an 8 out of 10 on IMDB and is appreciated by users too. Watch The Big Sick online to witness great performances by splendid actors.

The Big Sick: Focus on News
“The Big Sick star’ moved, stunned’ by response to film”
The movie is well received by audience and critics. This overwhelming response by the audience made the star cast happy. The response was more than they expected and boosted the confidence of cast with the success of the movie.

The Big Sick, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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