The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation

The movie ‘The Birth of a Nation’ is based on a true story of an enslaved man who rebel for the slaves in 1831.

The movie birth of a nation is written, produced and directed by Nate Parker who actually plays the role of lead character Nat Turner, the enslaved man. The movie has taken the same title as of D.W. Griffith’s movie which was earlier named as The Clansman. It was a noiseless classical drama movie released in 1915. It was one of the foremost 12- reel movie in America. It was based on two themes such as the American Civil War and Reconstruction. It also performed the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

The writer, producer and director of the movie Nate Parker began the writing in 2009. In the Sundance Film Festival 2016, it is a leading movie as people gave a standing ovation to the lead actor Nate Parker before the movie displayed. The official trailer was released on June 21, 2016. The movie is already released on October 7, 2016. The movie has the roots since the slavery in America and the revolt of African- Americans against it. Nate debuting as a director presents to you a very complicated case. The polarized present and the brutal past of the country, it is all there. Getting standing ovations in Sundance prior to its release was quite enough to make you watch the movie.

In every piece, Birth of a nation is just not a movie, it is a modern day narration of historical contradictions. Just like the highly appreciated “Django Unchained” of Quentin Tarantino, this is also a revenge movie that serves justice with bloody punishment to the criminal. Over that, when it focuses on the bitterness of slavery back in 19th century, it is as powerful as “12 Years a Slave” of Steve McQueen.

The Birth of a Nation Movie Synopsis:

The movie is again a repetition of 1831 slave uprising which was led by Nat Turner in Virginia. The movie opens with young Nat Turner who has been taken into the woods to meet with a native tribe. The leader of the tribe noticed some marks on the chest of the child and chose him for his important work. Nat was living with his family mother Nancy (Aunjanue Ellis), father Isaac (Dwight Henry) and Grandmother Bridget (Esther Scott). Nat family was holding by the Turner family. Usually Nat played with the young son of Turner, Samuel.

Nat was fond of reading books but his mother allowed only Holy Bible to him referring to the other ones on shelves and quoting, “those books are for white folks”. So, she took him to her home and taught him with the Bible. Later, Nat became a preacher. Nat is seen witnessing unbearable tortures and disturbing acts on slaves which was a routine back then. One night Isaac was caught by three white men while he was stealing food. He killed one of the white men there and flees.

Further, Nat started tour to preach to the black slaves and in this return Samuel will get the money. In his travelling, Nat became aware about the atrocities made on the slaves by the whites. He saw the physical exploitation of black women around him. So, his preaching became more impassioned and now he initiated the disrespect his owners. Nat used his power of wisdom as a weapon against his masters.
Later he gathered the slaves and rebel against the white men. In the end, Nat was hung until the death.
In the end, it shows that the revolt lasted nearly 48 hours, and about 60 individuals were killed.

The Birth of a Nation Movie Starcasts:

Everyone is satisfied with the casting. Nate Parker as Nat Turner plays a marvellous role in the movie as the whole movie revolves around him whereas Armie Hammer, Aja Naomi King, Jackie Earle Haley, Penelope Ann Miller and Gabrielle Union are in supporting roles. It is quite understandable why Turner’s heroic image is displayed upfront. The actor very effectively performs the social role and wraps himself accordingly when political implications are implemented.

The Birth of a Nation Movie Review:

Movie came a long way when talking about the appreciation. It has been widely popular overseas too. This movie won the Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize in the U.S Drama Competition. Nate Parker is praised by everyone as he gets the standing ovation in the screening before the original release of the movie. Nate Parker knows what emotional notes to hit for maximum effect.

The nationalism in the movie is rather older still the violence on slaves covers all the drama. The sexual violence in two spots, one of Nat’s Wife Cherry and other on Hark’s wife, Esther is an example of everyday slavery sexual assaults. This movie also focuses on the inability of enslaved males to protect their women.
Nate Parker surely is on the top of his career with this movie as an all rounder but few controversies from his school days slightly pushed his image down. In August, he was alleged for raping a classmate with his friend who is also in this movie.

‘The Birth of a Nation’ Movie Focus In News:

Birth of a Nation: Sundance HIT on the SURFACE at Box-Office.

Fox Searchlight paid a hefty amount of $17.5m for the Nate Parker Starrer after it took the Grand Jury and Audience Award at Sundance in January. However, there is 61% drop noticed just in the second week of the release in the domestic market which ended up on loss. Fox spent almost $18m just on the marketing and they might lose over $5m there it.

One of the reasons according to the experts behind this sudden fall is the rape allegation on Parker and his friend jean Celestian, who is also in the credits of the Birth of a nation.

The Birth of a Nation, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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