The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby

Tim Templeton recalls his childhood rivalry with his younger brother whom he refers to as the boss baby.

This story is about a man, Tim Templeton who remembers his 7-year old self as being jealous and competitive with his little brother who struts around the house dressed up as a briefcase-carrying boss. He goes back to his parents to win their affection which he seems to have lost ever since the arrival of the boss baby. The two brothers later discover an evil plot designed by the CEO of Puppies & Co and join hands to save their parents.

The Boss Baby Movie Introduction:
It is a 3D computer animated film directed by directed by Tom McGrath. The pre-production work for the film started in June 2014 when DreamWorks Animation announced the release date to be March 18, 2016. Written by Michael McCullers, The Boss Baby is produced by Ramsey Ann Naito and Denise Cascino. In December 2014, Kung Fu Panda replaced The Boss Baby and the production was rescheduled. The next month that is January 2015, the new release date was announced which was 22 January 2017. The film went into production in February 2015. The release date was further pushed back to March 10, 2017, in September 2015. Another delay in release was seen due to some cast changes and finally the film is set to release on March 31, 2017, and is distributed by 20th Century Fox. The music for the film is given by Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro.

The Boss Baby Movie Synopsis:
The story is vaguely based on the book – the Boss Baby, written by Marla Frazee. The story of the movie revolves around two brothers, their mutual rivalry and a scheming villain who is bent on destroying the notion of love from the hearts of people. The plot focuses on Tim Templeton who is also the narrator of the story. He recalls and describes his childhood that used to be creative and filled with childish whimsy. The focus of this narration is his baby brother whom he refers to as the Boss Baby. Ever since the arrival of this briefcase carrying baby brother in his life when he was seven years old, the narrator has felt dominated by his sibling and therefore the name- the Boss Baby.

The Boss Baby seems to have stolen all the affection of the parents. So Tim decides decided to win his parents’ affection. This mission leads to the discovery that the Boss Baby is actually a spy. Subsequently, an evil plot conspired by the primary antagonist, the CEO of Puppies & Co comes to light.

The two brothers must join hands to fight against this common foe who is a threat to their parents and to the world. They need to put aside their differences to restore peace and safeguard the notion of love and its unassailable power. You can watch The Boss Baby online free to find out how the feelings of the rivalry of two brothers transition into comradery and whether the power of love is able to conquer the evil villain and crush his insidious plans.

The Boss Baby Movie Star Cast:
The casting is definitely the highlight of this movie with the delightful Alec Baldwin playing the briefcase toting Boss Baby. Tobey Maguire plays the role of Tim Templeton. The 7-year-old version of the character is played by Miles Christopher Bakshi. The legendary Steve Buscemi plays the role of Francis E. Francis, the evil CEO of Puppies & Co. Conrad Vernon plays Eugene Francis. The parents Ted Templeton and Janice Templeton are played by the hilarious duo-Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow respectively. Some other minor characters appear as well which have little impact on the screenplay. Watch The Boss Baby online to discover the cast’s performance yourself.

The Boss Baby Movie Review:
The film is rated only 27% on the ‘tomatometer’ (critic ratings) of rotten tomatoes. The ‘want to see’ rating is a whopping 87% based on 9442 user ratings which make the movie a must watch. The star-studded cast adds to the glamor of the movie and compensates for the seemingly dull humor. Although the critic consensus is that the premise of the movie is pretty bleak, yet the overall look of the movie seems promising. The film is being described as a harmless filler without too much impact. We rate the movie a 4 out of 10.

The Boss Baby Movie: Focus on News

“The Boss Baby’s Trump Link”
The poster of the film The Boss Baby was released the other day and it features a briefcase-carrying-baby with slicked back blond hair and a very familiar pout. When Alec Baldwin was asked whether he saw the striking resemblance of his character with the new US President, he laughed it off saying he could not argue with that. He went on to add that there were some similarities.
“There are some similarities, especially in the lack of happiness”, he quipped. Baldwin is famous for his parodies on Trump on a US comedy skit show. When asked if he was anything like the Boss Baby in real life he replied that he was a combination of both the protagonists- the Boss Baby and Tim.

“What with ‘The Boss Baby’ paying tribute to ‘The Beauty and The Beast’, are Disney & DreamWorks now finally declaring a truce?”
Some two decades back animation was a highly competitive sector in Hollywood. That is when the rivalry between Disney and DreamWorks Animation began. Everybody who keeps a track of what’s happening in the showbiz would know that Disney left no stone unturned to overshadow the debut release of Fox Animation Studios- Anastasia. Hardly a year later Disney was locking horns with DreamWorks Animation. The former chairman of Disney, Jeffrey Katzenberg, joined the rival camp after being thrown out of Disney. Determined to win and aware of Disney’s tactics of undermining new debuts he released Antz early. It was slated to be released in March 1999 but was suddenly released in October 1998. This surprise attack proved to be a successful move which left Disney in fumes. And thus, the saga of the rivalry between two leading production houses in animation has continued until maybe now. The Boss Baby teaser features a direct reference to the Disney hit ‘The Beauty and The Beast’. Maybe some white flags are to be seen in future. Only time will tell.

The Boss Baby, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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