The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ

The transformation of a person from an atheist to a theist is the storyline of this movie. He says God is not there but ends up saying God exist strongly.

This story is a travel of a person changing his wife who became Christian. In order to change his wife, he uses his investigation skills searching proofs for non-Christianity. He tries to prove God doesn’t exist but up believing that he is the soul of the world.

The Case for Christ Movie Introduction:
This movie is directed by Jon Gunn. The production company of this movie is Triple Horse Studios and the partners of production are Elizabeth HatcherTravis, Karl Horstmann, Michael Scott, David A.R. White, Alysoun Wolfe, Britany yost. The Case for Christ Story is based on the book named “The Case for Christ” written by Lee Strobel. This book was released on 1998 and liked by most book lovers. Jon Gunn had an idea of reproducing it into a movie and has done it perfectly. The story has been fantastically screen played by Brian Bird. The background music is scored by Will Musser. The movie is widely distributed by Pure Flix entertainment.

The Case for Christ Movie Synopsis:
The story of the movie “The Case for Christ” showcases the journey of a person towards changing his belief towards Christianism. He does different types of investigation to prove that God doesn’t exist, but finally, believes in the existence of god and lands him for his belief on Christianism.

The male lead of this movie is played by Mike Vogel. Mike Vogel is a model turned actor. He is well known for his roles in the movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Under the dome”. In this drama movie, he plays the role of Lee Strobel, the hero of the movie. Due to his good investigating activities, he becomes the legal editor for Chicago Tribune.

Hero’s investigation skills have been depicted so well that one can really believe he is a real investigator. Though his career had a stepping stone, his personal life becomes confusing due to his wife’s sudden announcement that she had become a Christian. She had never asked permission to him also. In order to change his wife’s behavior and make her disbelieve about Christianity, he started to investigate more about Christianity. But what actually happened? To know this, Watch Movie The Case for Christ Free Online.
The female lead of this movie is played by Erica Christensen. She is well known for her roles in movie Traffic, The Banger Sisters, and Swim fan. This gorgeous actress depicts the role of Leslie in this movie. She had done two different characters in this movie. The actress had played the role of the wife of Mike Vogel and a Patriot of Christianity. Erica is fit in her costumes and with her curly hairstyle. Since the original book was written in 1998, all costumes of Erica will suit to that period.

Erica and her child along with her husband go to dinner on a fine day. A candle lights up and catches fire causing the little one to almost death. Alfie, the role played by L.scott Caldwell saves the child. She plays the role of the nurse in this movie. When Erica thanked L. Scott Caldwell for her attempt in saving the child, she says “I did not do, but Jesus does”. Alfie the nurse invites Erica to church. Soon Erica started to love Christianity and what happened next is the rest of the movie. So Watch Movie The Case for Christ free online.

Faye Dunaway is an award-winning actress known for her roles in movie Three days of the condor and Eyes of Laura Mars. She has been acting for many years and known for her versatile acting. She comes for just one scene in the movie and does her best. She had acted as a psychologist and convinces mike that Jesus arises from the dead. This makes mike to believe on Jesus completely.
Robert Forster plays the role of the father of the hero Mike. He comes for just a few scenes and does his job well. The other cast of this movie had also done their roles pretty well. But the movie is dragging for the storyline only on Christians and not on any other kinds of stuff.

The Case for Christ Movie Star-casts:
The crews of this movie are selected in such a way to exactly look like Christians. They all have done good homework to suit their roles. Mike looks tall and smart with 1980’s mustache. Erica is elegant with her curly hairs and simple dresses. Faye Dunaway is stunning in her one scene. The crucifixion of Jesus and his rise from dead are all well proven with historical records in this movie. The director has made a good research on proven facts about Christianity. Totally the movie is a onetime watch for all.

The Case for Christ Movie Review:
The film was rated 84% under audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The average rating on RT is 1.4 out of 4. The movie is noted as the slow-going movie but not offensive one on Rotten tomatoes. Overall, the movie is perfect for the roles and drama done. Except for its slow face movement, the movie is otherwise good. Director has done a good work to bring the contents of the book into a good movie. We will rate the movie 6 out of 10.

The Case for Christ Movie: Focus on News

“A good book garnered good reviews as a book and as a movie”
The Case for Christ was released on 7 April 2017 for over 1200 screens. The movie had made under a budget of $3 million and had made $3.9 million as on 7 April 2017. As of now the reviews of this movie are pretty good and will be a treat for Christians for this Easter season. So, Watch Movie The Case for Christ Free Online.

“An atheist becomes a theist to highlight the value of Christianity”
The Case for Christ was widely released in United States and Canada. The movie has managed to earn $3.9 million in the box office as of now since its release on 7 April 2017. Once you Watch Movie The Case for Christ Free Online, your belief on Christianity will increase.

The Case for Christ, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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