The Edge of Seventeen

The Edge of Seventeen

This is a movie which revolves around a teenage girl and the problems she come across. It is all about how she learns to handle life when everything goes wrong and learns to be mature.

The movie Edge of Seventeen is about the unbalanced emotions and the uncontrollable psychology of a teenager and how she learns to handle those emotions and get away with all the self-created troubles she had with the help of a teacher’s guidance. Though the movie holds a lot of drama but it still promises comedy and fun.

The Edge of Seventeen Movie Introduction:
Created in the direction of Kelly Fremon Craig, the edge of seventeen is a comedy drama. The story of the movie is again, written by the director Kelly Fremon. The movie is produced by James L. Brooks and Richard Sakai. This American movie, the edge of Seventeen was released in theatres on 18th of November this year by STX entertainments.

The Edge of Seventeen Movie Synopsis:
the edge of seventeen as the name suggest is a late teen age movie holding adolescence problems and a lot of emotions the teenager goes through. The movie is about a teenage girl who is in her late teens, Nadine. The girl losses her father at a very tender age of thirteen, which was the first shock she faces. In the movie she have an all-round talented brother who is preferred child of her mother and she feels neglected all the time. So she develops a sense of inferiority and her relation with his brother sores for the same reason and her mother, who she feels is ignorant most of the time when it comes to Nadine’s problems. All she have in the last is the only best friend who understands her. But that was not all that was to happen in her life. Later on, she finds out about her friend and her brother being together, which gets her all furious and she loses the only person who was by her side to his brother. The person who helps her to handle her problems is her teacher Mr Bruner. The teacher excellently help assists her to handle the situations she is going through and advices her to be strong, independent and confident. As the movie advances she learns to handle her emotions and tries to understand that all that she was losing in her life, was not anyone’s fault but her own. She realises that her brother and her friend just fell in love and that should not be a problem for her. Even her mother become aware of her responsibilities, that her other child was craving for attention all the time and tries to remedies her mistakes.

The Edge of Seventeen Movie Starcast:
This was well executed by the cast that includes nice actors like Hailee Steinfeld, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner, Woody Harrelson, Kyara Sedgwick.

The Edge of Seventeen Movie Review:
The movie have got a lot of positive reviews. The movie have got 7.9 rating out of 10. Performance by Hailee Steinfeld have been praised a lot as she have nicely showcased the actual situation of the teens and the problems they go through. This was the first movie directed by Kelly Fremon and is worth applause.

The Edge of Seventeen, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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