The Emoji Movie

An animated comedy film set inside the world of a smartphone where a multi-expressional emoji sets out on an adventure to become a normal emoji.

The movie is a story that depicts the fictional city of Textopolis inside the Messaging App of a smartphone. The city is inhibited by emojis, which are digital symbols that humans use while texting. Amongst these emojis is Gene, who is supposed to be a ‘meh’ emoji but is a unique multi-expressional emoji, which causes an array of problems for him. He sets out on a journey with two friends with the mission to become a normal ‘meh’ emoji.

The Emoji Movie Introduction
The news of the project was first made public when Sony Pictures Animation announced it had won a bidding war against Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. for the rights to produce a computer-animated film that would be based on emojis. This announcement was made on 21 June 2015 and at the 2016 CinemaCon, the film was officially announced. The script of the movie has been developed by Eric Seigel and Tony Leondis. Leondis will serve as the director as well. The Emoji Movie will be distributed by Columbia Pictures and the production companies are Sony Pictures Animation and L Star Capital. The film was first given a release date of 11 August 2017 but was later moved to 4 August before being eventually moved for a 28 July release.

The Emoji Movie Synopsis
The story of The Emoji Movie tells the story of the city of Textopolis, which is a fictional city in the Messaging app on a smartphone. The smartphone is owned by a teenager called Alex. Textopolis is a colourful city that is inhabited by various emojis. These emojis are expected to depict a single expression their entire lives. However, amongst these emojis, there lives a unique multi-expressional emoji called Gene.

Gene, voiced by T. J. Miller, is supposed to be a ‘meh’ emoji just like his parents. But he can express several emotions, making him one of a kind. The reason behind this is the absence of a filter in Gene. This leads to several problems, including disappointment from his father over the fact that Gene can’t make the generic ‘meh’ expression. The biggest issue, however, arises when Alex selects a meh emoji to send to a friend on the app and Gene accidentally makes the wrong face. Gene is sent to the ‘loser lobby’, a place where all the never used emojis stay.
However, now Alex believes that his phone is broken and he decides to format his phone and clear any unneeded memory. This causes panic amongst the emojis of Textopolis as the deletion of all the data will lead to the removal of all the emojis.
Gene feels responsible for this and decides to go on a journey through the several apps on the phone. His aim is to edit the source code which will give him a filter and eventually make him a ‘normal’ emoji. Accompanying him on this journey are his best friends, the lazy Hi-5, voiced by James Corden and the naughty codebreaker Jailbreak, voiced by Anna Faris. To find out if Gene is able to accomplish his mission, watch And Rent The Emoji Movie free online or in a theatre near you upon its release.

The Emoji Movie Star Cast
Overall, not much can be said about acting in animated films as the actors only use their voices. However, voice acting is a tough art to master as well and the cast of The Emoji Movie appear to be perfect options for the task. The lead actor is T. J. Miller, who plays the role of Gene, seems comfortable with his dialogues. Initially, Ilana Glazer was selected for the role of Jailbreak but was later replaced by Anna Faris and she seems to have fun with her part. The challenging part of voicing the hungry and lazy Hi-5 is taken up by James Corden and based on the trailers, he comes off as the best choice for the role. Other cast members include Maya Rudolph, Steven Wright, and legendary actor Sir Patrick Stewart, who plays the ‘poop’ emoji. To find out how the cast performs, watch The Emoji Movie free online or in a theatre come 28 July 2017.

The Emoji Movie Review
The Emoji Movie hasn’t been released yet, hence giving a proper review for the film is not possible. However, based on the trailers, latest buzz, star cast, etc., it is safe to assume that the film will be a resounding success during its theatrical run. It is set to be a popular watch amongst families with young children due to its colourful setting. The film might feature some rude language which doesn’t make it the best option for many. To find out how good it is, watch The Emoji Movie free online or in a theatre close to you when it releases on 28 July 2017 and Rent The Emoji movie on

The Emoji Movie: Focus on News

“The Emoji Movie rated PG due to the apparent presence of rude language.”
The Emoji Movie has been given an MPAA rating of PG as it will consist of rude language that might not be appropriate for very young children to hear.

“The Emoji Movie will retain more than its budget due to an advantageous release date.”
The Emoji Movie is set to obtain a sizeable family audience internationally as it won’t be combated as much by other animated films. The presence of experienced actors and the undeniable appeal to kids will allow it to retain more than its budget.

The Emoji Movie, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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