The Founder

The Founder

The Founder is a film based on a true story which tells us the acquisition story of one of the biggest food chains in the world, McDonald’s.

This film is a drama film which features the life story of Ray Kroc who acquired McDonald’s from the original founders of McDonald’s. This story is a truly inspirational story of Ray Kroc from a struggling salesman to acquiring McDonald’s. The film tells us the story of how McDonald’s became a worldwide food chain and who the mastermind behind that was. The Founder also has some amazing plot twists and also intelligent business politics.

The Founder Movie Introduction:
The Founder was premiered on 7th December 2016 and released on 20th January worldwide. This film is directed by John Lee Hancock who is also the director of the movie The Blind Side which received an Oscar nomination. The movie is very well written by Robert Siegel and has done justice to the life of Ray Kroc. This movie is distributed by the Weinstein Company.

The Founder Movie Synopsis:
The movie starts with a hardworking salesman Ray Kroc who sells milkshake makers for a living. He is happily married as his wife is very supportive. Ray is living a very comfortable life but he is not satisfied as he is a very ambitious person. He is already frustrated with the current restaurants which provide lousy service and are not all ambitious. He is looking forward to doing something more and set up his own business.

Ray eventually comes to know about McDonald’s as they order a lot of milkshake makers. After visiting the restaurant Ray observes that McDonald’s has a lot of potentials as it has all the qualities a fast food restaurant should have. Ray also visits the kitchen of McDonald’s and observes that the workers there are professional and also provide quality food.

Ray decides to meet the people behind McDonald’s, who are the McDonald brothers Maurice or Mac McDonalds and Richard or Dick McDonald. The brothers have really come up from a long struggle with poverty and how they started with a small hotdog stand and now are the owners of the restaurant. Ray is really impressed by the story and the McDonald brothers and he suggests them to start franchises in order to grow the business. The brothers explain to him that they had tried doing that before but they failed miserably. The food quality was not up to the mark and the customers were not at all happy. Disheartened by the rejection Ray leaves with a painting of the McDonalds logo in his mind and tells the brothers that the logo of McDonald’s is the golden arches of McDonald’s.

After facing rejection Ray got back to his milkshake maker selling the business but his mind is constantly set on the business idea of franchising McDonalds. Finally, he decides to confront the brothers and gives a very inspirational as well as an emotional speech on how the golden arch of McDonald’s can shine all over the world. The McDonald brothers are influenced by the motivational speech given by Ray and the accept the business proposal provided Ray signs a contract that all the business decisions related to McDonald’s should pass through the brothers and should be implemented only with the consent of the brothers. Ray happily accepts the proposal and signs the contract.

Ray starts off with full speed with his expansion plans which are not easily accepted by the McDonald brothers. He also finds trouble with obtaining a financial loan and thus Ray has to mortgage his own house and he does this without the consent of his wife. Ray recruits middle-class workers to run various franchises of McDonald’s. Ray soon meets up with Rollie Smith who is a well established and wealthy restaurant owner. Ray finds an immediate connection with Rollie’s wife Joan. Ray is finding it hard to cut the cost of the restaurant and the McDonald brothers are very reluctant to follow the expansion plans by Ray. Ray wants the complete control and also the complete profit of the business and he soon achieves the same by playing some intelligent legal tricks with the help of the lawyers.

The McDonald brothers are very furious and annoyed with Ray as know they don’t even have the authority to use their own surname. Ray also declares himself as the founder of the McDonalds Company and builds a new McDonalds diner in front of the original one. Mac has a heart attack as a result of a heated conversation between Ray and him. The brothers decide that they will take Ray to the court. Ray comes to visit Mac with a blank check. Mac realizes that McDonald’s can never be same without Ray and the brothers settle for a buyout of their company.

Meanwhile, Ray splits up with his wife as she realizes that Ray had mortgaged the house without her knowledge. Ray and his wife go through a divorce where he ensures that his spouse gets the house and also other financial support but refuses to part with a single share of McDonald’s. Ray and Joan eventually fall in love and get married to live happily ever after. McDonald’s thus becomes one of the greatest food companies of the world.

The Founders Movie Star Cast:
The Founder has a very talented cast which has done justice to all the characters in the movie. Michael Keaton has played the part of Ray Kroc beautifully. The McDonald brothers Mac and Dick are portrayed by John Carroll Lynch and Nick Offerman respectively. The role of Joan is played by the beautiful actress Linda Cardellini.

The Founder Movie Review:
The Founder is liked by 83% of the viewers on rotten tomatoes. Michael Keaton has done a promising job and has played the character of Ray Kroc with full commitment. The ruthless corporate politics and witty legal masterminds leave the audience astounded. This movie has been given 3.5 stars out of 5 and is termed as a must watch.

The Founder Movie: Focus on News
“The Founder finds drama under the Golden Arches”
The Founder was made with a budget of $7 million and has managed to earn around $8 millions at the box office in such a short period of time.

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