The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train

How to change a couple’s life when a divorced woman involved in their life.

The movie is a mystery drama thriller based on a novel of similar title where a divorced woman takes interest in a perfect couple’s life and gets involved totally in them when the girl gets missing. The movie is the successor of 2014 hit Gone Girl.

Director Tate Taylor and writer Erin Cressida Wilson of the movie, The Girl on the Train, brings a lot of drama and mystery for viewers. The idea of this movie has been taken from the novel with same name written by Paula Hawkins in 2015. Every character in the movie brings the best of their acting skills. Usually, movies based on novels leave several corners of the story untouched. This might not be the case with The Girl on The Train. The novel leaves you gasping for breath and so does the movie. The Girl on the Train is somewhat similar to its predecessor “Gone Girl”.

The plot of the movie flows around a married couple Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) and Tom Watson (Justin Theroux). Rachel comes to know about an affair of his husband with Anna Boyd (Rebecca Ferguson), the real estate agent. Rachel is addicted to alcohol and she decides to leave Tom. Rachel starts living with her friend Cathy.
Understanding all the characters takes a while. It is quite puzzling at the start but somehow still holds you. There’s everything- a controlling husband, love, lust, alcoholism, jealousy, a sympathetic psychiac, a man on the train. Sometimes it feels this year’s 50 Shades of Grey and sometimes it’s .

Rachel meets two new characters Megan (Hayley Bennett) and Scott (Luke Evans) who at the first sight look very fascinating and perfect couple. But things are never similar to what they look. Both of them exhibit different characteristics that keeps them apart. Scott is very dominating while Megan is untrustworthy. She has affairs with number of men. She has also intimacy with her Dr. Kamal Abdic who is a psychiatrist. The movie is all about Megan’s strange, mystical disappearance that makes Rachel curious. She starts the search and in between that, she confronts her inner demons.

Everyone is satisfied with the casting. Emily Blunt does pure justice to her quite messed up yet lead character of the movie. Other supporting actors gave a brilliant performance so that this brutal and twisted tale stay the way it is.

The movie has a lot of ups and downs with a lot of suspense. As we all know that psychological thrillers have a special audience and not everyone likes these kind of movies. Rachel sometimes takes you to a depressing state. She has been trying to find a meaning of her miserable life in whole movie and viewer might get devastated watching her struggle. The movie bagged both positive as well as negative reviews from people. For many people, it is full of deceitful characters and the whole story is very pathetic whereas some found it a good “Who’s the Culprit” mystery movie. Some who read the novel of Paula Hawkins earlier are comparing the character of Rachel in movie with the novel. Director Tate starts with perfect scene but fails to keep the same tension throughout. However, the movie might perform little well than Gone Girl because of the excellent casting and good performances by all the characters.

The Girl on the Train, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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