The Great Wall

The Great Wall

A monster film in which the European mercenary meets the Chinese soldiers near the famous Great Wall of China and helps them to defend against the monsters.

This is a story of two mercenaries from Europe who joins the Chinese soldiers near the Great Wall of China who will be defending the wall against the alien monsters names the Tao Tei who normally rise for every 60 years. These soldiers help them in defending the army with the help of their skills and they use the black powder to kill the army and the mercenaries are released with the condition that the powder must be released to them and leave the place. They both start their journey back to Europe after the war is over.

The Great Wall Movie Introduction:
The Great Wall movie was written by written by Max Brooks, Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz and the story of the movie was a monster film released in the year 2016 directed by Zhang Yimou. The movie is completely based on the heroes defending against the monsters near The Great Wall of China. The Great Wall is produced by Legendary East, Le Vision Pictures, Atlas Entertainment and China Film Group. It was distributed by Universal Pictures of America and China Film Group of china together. It was released on 15 December 2016 in China theatres and on 17 February 2017 in USA theatres.

The Great Wall Movie Synopsis:
The movie starts with the two mercenaries named William and Tovar and other people who are a part of a group searching for the black powder and they will be captured by bandits of Khitan. They escape the refugee cave and were attacked by the monster and only these two survive against it. The arm of the monster was cut by the William and they both decide to bring the arm along with them. They both were captured by the Chinese soldiers of an army named Nameless Order led by two officers General Shao and Wang who is a strategist.

The commanders of the army will be shocked seeing the hand of the monster and they are attacked by a group of monsters near the Great Wall of China. The army will be divided into five troops and they all fight against the armies with different strategies according to the troops. The monster Queen calls upon the army back after the losses are sustained on both sides and in the meanwhile these both mercenaries will be freed by a soldier from one of the troop and they help them in the war.

The leaders and commanders of the army are impressed with the skills of the William and Tovar and these two meet Sir Ballard who is also a European captured by this army like these both while searching for black powder. These three together discuss among themselves to steal the black powder and leaves the army when they were occupied with the battle. The strategist named Wang explains William about their situation and requests them to help in the war for which they were being trained for many years.

Two monsters attack the army from the top and kill several people and commander Shao dies protecting the wall from them. They get to know that the monsters will be pacified by the magnets and thinks about the arm brought by William and Tovar. Tovar and Ballard knock William and make him unconscious when he resists for the escape plan made by them. The army thinks that these three tried to escape and throws William into a cell. Ballard betrays Tovar and leaves him in middle and he will be killed by Khitans along with them by igniting the powder.

William is set free by the commander Lin and he helps them in saving the wall by boarding the last balloon with Wang and Peng. They plan to kill the Queen with the help of the captured monster by fixing the powdered explosives to him and throwing him into their area. After they throw the monster, William and others reach the top to shoot the explosives and finally, the Queen dies after the spear hits the explosives and blasts it. William is offered to go to Europe and forego the black powder. Watch The Great Wall Free Online for the complete story of the monster war.

The Great Wall Movie Star Cast:
The casting for The Great Wall movie consists of many famous actors who are popular among the audience. Matt Damon played the role of a European mercenary and he was named as William. Titan Jing role was promising and he acted as the Commander named Commander Lin Mae of the troop named Crane. Andy Lau played the role of war counsellor and strategist of the nameless order named as Wang. There are few other people involved in the movie who justified to the characters provided to them as per the storyline. Watch The Great Wall online free and discover the performance of the cast yourself.

The Great Wall Movie Review:
The movie was rated only 36% based on a total of 157 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website. The rating on IMDB platform is 6.3 on a scale of 10. Overall, the case in the movie worked hard for the movie and they produced a decent movie. Matt Damon and other actors played the tough roles according to the story but the weak storyline overshadowed their hard work. The main plot of the movie has failed to create a thumping impact and it went as a routine thriller with nothing much to enjoy. Watch The Great Wall online free and rate the movie accordingly.

The Great Wall Movie: Focus on News

“The Great Wall fails to recover its Production Budget”

The Great Wall movie is a hit in China but it failed to reach the expectations in the American domestic market where it managed to earn around $20 million over the four-day weekend.
The movie was one of the worst releases in the box offices since the year 2011 and it earned very less compared to other movies after investing the huge amount of $150 million into the movie.

The movie The Great Wall has been a controversy for the hero Matt Damon since the beginning because of the lead role played by him in the movie along with the Chinese soldiers and their culture. The movie also resulted in the accusations because of the whitewashing.

The Great Wall, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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