The Wild Life

The Wild Life

Robinson Crusoe is on the island of wonders and this will be really wonderful.

Robinson Crusoe is a 3D animated 2016 American comedy film which will be a great adventure and fun for the viewers.

The film Robinson Crusoe is a 3D computer animated adventure which is directed by Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen. The script is written by Lee Christopher, Domonic Paris and Graham Weldon. The film is co-produced by Ginna Gallo and Mimi Maynard. The music of the film is presented by Ramin Djawadi.

The film displays a south pacific island where Mac, a Macaw lives with his family and friends. He enjoys his daily life, the blue skies and the sterling waters and he loves yummy fruits and crunchy insects. But off lately, he get bored from his daily monotonous routine and wants to try something new and exciting.

One day he decides to go beyond the horizons as he believes that beyond the horizons there is more water and wealth, waiting for him. Meanwhile, one Robinson Crusoe, an explorer, his dog Aynsley and two shrewd cats Mel and May have boarded a ship to explore the island. In a sudden storm, the all four entangles in the hull of the ship while all the crew escapes to save their lives.

Somehow they reach the island with the wrecked ship. Crusoe tries to organize some life saving items from the remains of the ship and builds a small hut for shelter. The newly arrived guests met Mac and his friends and Mac sees a chance in them to escape the island. Meanwhile, Mel and May attacks the Mac but fortunately saved by the Aynsley. Then Mac joins Crusoe to assemble the remains of the ship.

May and Mel with another sinister plan, convinces the island dwellers that humans are spoiling the living habitat of the wild, so they must be taught a lesson. They convince the other people that Crusoe is going to eat their beloved friend Mac. They all plan a fire but fortunately Aynsley follows their plan but in saving Crusoe, he struck in door and caught under the impact of the explosion and gets killed.

Everybody on the island turned a hostile eye towards the cats and now they have a soft corner for Crusoe and Mac. Mac tries to console the grieving Crusoe and their friendship becomes deeper. The cats again tries to attack the Crusoe and the group and attempts to destroy their living place, but this time whole island is with them and they drives off the cats away, but in all this a fire broke down.

Some pirates come to the island and they capture Crusoe as hostage, he somehow manages to wins their confidence with a fictional story and they admit him in their crew. All island creatures then plans to rescue Crusoe and they do it successfully. Meanwhile, the cats hide in a raft which pirates took with their ship. All of them happily lived thereafter.

The Wild Life, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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