Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight

A science fiction movie set in planet Earth of an alternative universe where humans are at war with an alien species known as Transformers.

This movie is a story of an ongoing war between humans and Transformers on Earth, set in an alternate universe. These Transformers are aliens that can assume two different forms and are made of metal, equipped with weapons such as guns, knives, etc. To save the future of the planet, the history of Transformers on Earth must be explored and the secrets hidden in that past must be unravelled.

Transformers: The Last Knight Introduction
A sequel to 2014’s ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’, this movie is the fifth instalment of the Transformers film series. The project had begun production after the successful release of the fourth film and is currently in post-production. The movie will be a live-action film and similar to its predecessors, it will implement the use of CGI technology to present the Transformers. It is directed by renowned director, Michael Bay and is distributed by Paramount Pictures and the production companies are di Bonaventura Pictures and Hasbro Studios. The film will be released on 21June 2017.

Transformers: The Last Knight Synopsis
The plot of Transformers: The Last Knightfeatures Earth at war with the humans battling the evil group of Transformers, known as Decepticons. The human population often receives help from the ‘good’ Transformers, known as Autobots and mostly from the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. However, during this war, Optimus is off visiting another planet, far from the reach of Earth.

The fate of humanity is in the hands of an unlikely mesh of allies: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg); Bumblebee, who is an Autobot and has been a trusted companion of Optimus Prime in the past; Sir Edmund Burton, an English Lord who is played by legendary actor Sir Anthony Hopkins; and Isabella, a tech-savvy girl who is played by Isabela Moner.
Isabella used to lead a normal life before the Decepticons attacked again, she was often teased by her friends. When the war begins, she takes a stand against the Decepticons, aided by unlikely allies. Cade Yeager and Isabella have a relationship that mirrors the relationship between a father and his daughter.

The group must set out on a mission to discover the secrets that lie buried within the muddled and long history of these extra-terrestrial Transformers on Earth. The group must put aside their differences and work together to find out why the Earth is frequently visited by Transformers.

Each member of the group must risk his or her life to help save the future of the Earth. In their lives, the moment is now for them to make a difference while they know that the world will survive with only one species remaining, either the Transformers or the humans. You can watch Transformers: The Last Knight online free or in theatres to know how the war ended and which species survived.

Transformers: The Last Knight Star Cast
The cast of Transformers: The Last Knight is a fantastic group of actors. The lead roles are taken by Mark Wahlberg, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Isabela Moner. From the look of the trailers, Mark Wahlberg looks like he was born for this role and shows glimpses of a great performance. Sir Anthony Hopkins, who won an Academy Award for his leading role in ‘Silence of the Lambs’, looks comfortable with his role of an English Lord who is an expert in History. Isabela Moner delivers a short monologue in the second trailer of the film which indicated that she will deliver a stunning performance as the brave and tech-savvy girl with an attitude. The rest of the cast primarily features short or less important roles and voice actors for each transformer. Watch Transformers: The Last Knight online free and find out how well they played their roles.

Transformers: The Last Knight Review
The film hasn’t been released yet so a full movie review cannot be given yet. However, based on the trailers and responses from those who watched the premiere, the movie seems to be a jam-packed action film that will feature a unique storyline that diverts from the similar ones used in the previous instalments. The cast of the film is great and will most likely turn in wonderful performances individually. Watch Transformers: The Last Knight online free or in theatres and find out how good the movie is for yourself.

Transformers: The Last Knight: Focus on News

“Transformers: The Last Knight is projected to have the lowest debut of the franchise.”
Transformers: The Last Knight is made on a budget of $217 million and it has been predicted that the film will gross $70-75 million in its first five days, from over 3900 theatres, which would be the lowest debut in the history of the franchise.

“Transformers: The Last Knight will have a high gross in China.”
Transformers: The Last Knight will be released internationally in over 42 different countries and expectations are high from China, owing to the great success of the film’s predecessors.

“Transformers: The Last Knight will recover its budget easily.”
Local box office observers and trackers predict and believe that the movie will end its theatrical run after grossing anywhere between $290 to $400 million, which will help it recover its budget easily.

Transformers: The Last Knight, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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