Tubelight revolves around the power of love and faith that turn the tides even it be 1962 India China war or something else.

This movie is a complete package of emotions spanning in the typical Salman Khan’s movies either it be senseless jokes, tough and unrealistic stunts or his evergreen dance performance with something new into it every time. The story revolves around the time of 1962 India China War which has reached the small town of Jagatpur with government asking its men to come and join the army to fight the war. Salman and Sohail here as reel brothers are separated with the latter joining the army and then starts the real drama. As the time passes by, the tension arouses and so does the fear of losing everyone too but then comes a lady – son pair appearing to be Chinese. The protagonist Salman believes that befriending them will end the war and unite him back to his brother. Will he be successful in achieving the same and get back his brother ?

Tubelight Movie Introduction
Tubelight is another of Salman Khan’s attempt to hide his macho personality and fit into the dump but strong hearted person who believes in the power of love and thus shows that it can truly transform any relation into a special one if you put an effort to it. The movie is written and directed by Kabir Khan. The film is produced by Salman Khan & Kabir Khan. Julius Packiam and Pritam scored the music of the film, with the former composing the film score and latter composing the songs. The film released on 23 June 2017.

Tubelight Movie Synopsis
Set in the time frame of 1962 India China war, the movie revolves around two brothers Laxman Bisht ( Salman ) aka Tubelight due to his abnormality and Bharat ( Sohail Khan) who live happily in a small town of Jagatpur. The two brothers strong relationship is the talking point at each and every corner of the hamlet and Laxman also believes that it is his brother who can understand him fully and no one else. The movie is shot in the beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Ladakh with great clarity lens to give you a life time experience of witnessing its beauty by just munching popcorns at your seat.

As the tension between two neighbouring countries India and China escalates, it leads to an abrupt which soon reaches the small town and with this, comes the next and prime talk of the movie. Bharat leaves Laxman under the care of Banne Chacha ( Late Om Puri ) as he gets recruited in the Kumauni regiment. The war as it sounds is tough for both the brothers with both fighting to get back and live happily forever but destiny has its way into this too. After Bharat’s departure, everyone bullied him for his childish behaviour except few like Banne Chacha who instilled in him the belief of setting mountains to motion with his superpower that was being imparted to him in one of the magical tricks by the charismatic magician in SRK itself. In the magic trick, he showed that he can move the bottle with the power of his mind. Moving on to another scene, as the war begins ,comes the entry of Li Leing ( Zhu Zhu )and her son Gu Won (Matin Rey Tangu) Chinese of Indian origin arrive in the town. The deteriorating tension between the two countries needs some external force and to the rescue comes our beloved superstar who tries to use his superpowers to move mountains and stop wars by sticking his arms out and grunting earnestly, over and over.

Lastly, the movie like always ends with peace and love residing in the back seat and the tension subsiding between the two nations.

Tubelight Movie Star Cast
Tubelight is a heavy weight movie with our beloved, dashing and macho superstar Salman Khan enacting the role of an off minded brother who is only loved by Bharat ( Sohail Khan, his real life brother also). Watch Tubelight online to find out how SRK in his cameo appearance changes Bharat’s life and not to miss the last reel performance of late Om Puri as Banne Chacha. The Chinese son and mother relationship by Zhu Zhu, and Matin Rey Tangu in the respective character names of Li Leing and Gu Won adds on to the beautiful plot of the movie. So, watch Tubelight online if you are not able to get hand to any tickets in your nearby cinema halls.

Tubelight Movie Review
The movie has been highly criticised by the critics for Salman Khan for his weak performance that not only depreciated the value of whole film but also mocked the whole plot. The IMDb rating for the movie is 6.9/10 and that due to his popularity in Bollywood. The movie is well set and shot in beautiful places of Ladak, Himachal Pradesh with crystal clear dialogues and funny songs to entertain you during the movie. Nonetheless, Salman Khan diehard fans will always love him and cherish this role of his as it is the Bhaijaan’s which has been released during Eid. Only plus point above the movie was the strong and witty performance by late Om Puri and other casts who tried to add humour and emotions of worth than the two brother’s love. It is an adaptation of the 2015 American film Little Boy.

Tubelight Movie : Focus on News

“Salman Khan, Kabir Khan film gets its message right — love conquers all — but it is the messenger who fails. The effort of playing a slow-witted man shows on Salman in every frame. It is the supporting cast including Matin Rey Tangu, Om Puri who are the film’s strength.”
The Indian express expressed disappointment by just rating it 1.5/5 and commented on movie’s success at money chart due to Salman’s reigning popularity for the past years and his success with Kabir Khan when he partnered for Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Ek Tha Tiger. So, if you are looking to spend your weekend by watching this at movieplex then, mind it won’t be and better watch Tubelight online in good print .

“Salman keeps Faith alive”
The Indiatimes division of Times new India have given green signal to this epitome of emotions and faith that has been depicted by Salman and his crew.

Tubelight, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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