Unforgettable is an erotic thriller about a divorcee who begins to torment her ex – husband’s fiancee.

The story is about a divorcee who is barely coping up with her divorce. The divorcee is Tessa (portrayed by Katherine Heigl). Her ex – husband, David (portrayed by Geoff Stults) finds himself a fiancée and brings her to home. The fiancée, Julia (portrayed by Rosario Dawson) tries to fit in the life of David and being a stepmother to Tessa and David’s daughter, Lily. Tessa does not take this moving on by David well. She begins to torment Julia. She swears to do everything to ruin the life of Julia. The movie revolves around this plot and it is revealed in the end whether Tessa finds success in ruining Julia’s life or not.

Unforgettable Movie Introduction:
Unforgettable is directed by the female director Denise Di Novi. She is one of the few female directors in Hollywood. This is her debut film as a director. She is also the producer of the film. She recently served as the producer of the Will Smith – Margot Robbie starrer Focus. The film features a very talented, popular and good looking star cast in the form of Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, and Geoff Stults. It is written by the team of writers Christina Hodson and David Leslie Johnson. The music is provided by Toby Chu. The cinematography is delivered by Caleb Deschanel. It is distributed by the Warner Bros. and released on 21st April 2017 worldwide.

Unforgettable Movie Synopsis:
Tessa has not taken her divorce with the father of her child and ex – husband David easy. She is finding it very hard to cope up. Also, she is unable to accept the fact that David has moved on with his life and found himself a new partner in the form of his fiancée Julia. Julia has had a terrible past of her own. She had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and found hope of finding a man of her dreams in David. She tries to fit in David’s life. She tries to be a step – mother to Lily. She also tries to be comfortable with Tessa no matter how awkward she makes her feel. But soon the obsession of Tessa grows and she swears to ruin Julia’s life. She first of all contacts Julia’s ex-boyfriend with whom she had an abusive relationship. She steals her cell phone and contacts Michael, Julia’s ex – boyfriend on facebook by sending him Julia’s steamy pictures. Michael arrives at Julia’s home and tries to attack her. Julia stabs Michael and goes to the police. Michael is killed by Tessa and the police suspect Julia of the murder due to the fact that Julia’s facebook account had sent him her steamy pictures. Then Tessa tries to kill David but is interrupted by Julia. They both have a deadly fight and Tessa forces, Julia, to stab her to death. After this horrible incident, everyone moves on. It is six months later now. David, Julia, and Lily are living happily and they have forgotten the incident. In the end, there is a plot twist as Tessa’s mother, Lovely shows up at their house to visit her granddaughter. It is revealed that Lovely is obsessive, possessive and bears similarity to the dangerous personality of her daughter and the future of the family is not revealed. People can Rent and Watch Unforgettable Free Online.

Unforgettable Movie Star-Cast:
Unforgettable features a talented, good looking star cast in the form of Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, and Geoff Stults. Katherine Heigl is a popular actress known for her acting skills as well as good looks. She is known to the American audience for her work in the famous TV series Grey’s Anatomy. She won numerous Emmy Awards for her performance in the series. Also, she has enjoyed a pretty prominent film career by starring in various romantic comedies like Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, New Year’s Eve, etc. She is also a former fashion model and hence, earned herself a position in the Hollywood industry. Rosario Dawson, famous for her roles in films like Alexander, Trance, Men in Black 2, Sin City, Seven Pounds, etc is a British Actress famous for portraying dark roles. To cast her in an erotic thriller like Unforgettable does not come as a surprise. Geoff Stults is a talented theater actor worked opposite Leonardo Di Caprio in J.Edgar. To catch the performances of the trio, one can Watch Unforgettable Free Online.

Unforgettable Movie Review:
Unforgettable released on 21st April 2017 worldwide. The film has been reviewed negatively. It has received a 25% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes based on the reviews submitted by 71 critics. The film has been praised for its acting by the lead actors. The script has been panned by the critics and audience. It has been rated as a second-grade psychological thriller. On IMDB, the film has a low rating of 4.6/10. This indicates even the audience reaction to the film has been poor. To review, people can Watch Unforgettable Free Online.

Unforgettable: Focus on News

“Unforgettable bombs in North America”
The production budget of Unforgettable is $12 million. It was initially expected to gross around $7 million in North America. The film has bombed in the continent and has underperformed by grossing only $4.8 million. It grossed a total of $12.1 million as per 3rd May 2017. It has recouped its budget but struggles to earn a profit.

“Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson pairs up for Unforgettable”
Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson are household names to the American movie goers. Both the actresses have earned recognition on their own merits. Both the actresses have been nominated for numerous respected awards. Katherine Heigl famous for her romantic comedies and Grey’s Anatomy is increasing her CV by starring in the upcoming erotic thriller Unforgettable. Also starring in the film is Rosario Dawson. She has been in the industry for over a decade and has starred in films like Alexander, Trance, etc. She is currently portraying Claire Temple in the Marvel/Netflix shows. She received acclaim for her role in Seven Pounds. Both the actresses are well known in the industry and have developed a cult following of their own. Where Katherine is coming out of her comfort zone for the film Unforgettable Rosario is known for her dark roles. The pairing up of these two ultra talented actresses will be a treat for the audience.

Unforgettable, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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