War Machine

War Machine

A satirical war film where he is brought in to clean up the mishmash of a war that is impossible to win. But the General doesn’t know how to lose.

This is the story of a war in Afghanistan which NATO has almost lost. But then a 4-star General enters the scene dramatically to change the course of the war. However, he didn’t realize, till it was late, who are trying to take him down. The film depicts the unanticipated politics involved in a war. All this happens in a witty yet humorous way.Watch War Machine free online and discover the fun yourself.

War Machine Movie Introduction
Written and directed by David Michod, the story of War Machine is mostly a fictionalized version of the incidents mentioned in the book based on a USA General Stanley McChrystal. It is a 2017 American war film. War Machine is distributed by Netflix and production companies include Rat Pac-Dune Entertainment, Plan B Entertainment, and Regency Enterprises. And, the publisher of the film is Marvel Comics. It was released on 26 May in US theaters.

War Machine Movie Synopsis
Lead star Brad Pitt features as Glen McMahon, a 4-star general who was sent to Afghanistan in 2009 “to win the war the others could not.” His character is more or less a comic version of the real US General Stanley McChrystal.
“War Machine” is at times seems to be funny and silly, and the credit for this goes mainly to McMahod and Afghanistan’s leader Hamid Karzai, played superbly by Ben Kingsley. The latter, who is seen groping with his Blu-Ray player, watching “Dumb and Dumber” in his bedroom, delivers perhaps the funniest line in the movie by large: “I am behaving like a leader, I’m unavailable.”
Michod also delights in showing then-US President Barack Obama just as unavailable to McMahod on every occasion, helping this satire land its blows.

But in spite of a few funny moments, “War Machine” is quite a smart film that tells much more than the rise and fall of a general, with the war politics coming into play which makes it hard to guess that who is under attack.
Pitt and Michod wanted to inspire dialogue among viewers about the general concept of war, and “War Machine,” skewed at thinking adults, gets the job done.
“We, By we, I specifically mean the United States of America and Australia, have been at war in Afghanistan for more than 16 years now, and that in itself is horrifying,” Michod addressed. “In all of the reading that I have done about this war, I couldn’t figure out why it has been going on for so long, and how it’s possible that people – who I would assume are quite smart and capable – are still pretending as though there is some kind of victory waiting for them just around the corner.”
“So I started to see that at the root of this endless war was just a kind of, just plain human delusion.”
Pitt, for his part, said: “We wanted to ask questions like, ‘What is winning?’ ‘What is our idea of winning?’ ‘Is our definition of winning even achievable?’ We really think it’s time to take a good look at our strategies and tactics instead of this business as usual climate or wheel we seem to find ourselves on. And that was the impetus for embarking on this journey for us.”
You got to watch War Machine free Online to discover the story to see the mystery unfolding in front of your eyes with a mix of action and fun.

War Machine Movie Star Cast
The casting for the War Machine involves a hell lot of people (as expected of a war movie). However, the story mostly revolves around the acts and effects caused by a few members only. Brad Pitt stars as General Glen McMahon, a character inspired by General Stanley McChrystal. He looks great as a general adorned with degrees and medals. Ben Kingsley features as the former president of Afghanistan- President Hamid Karzai. Reggie Brown acts of President Barack Obama. Keith Stanfield as Billy Cole. Will Poulter as Willy Portega. Topher Grace as Matt Little. Watch War Machine free online and discover out the cast performance yourself.

War Machine Movie Review
The film was rated only 54% based on a total of 56 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The average rating on RT is 5.6 on a scale of 10. Overall, the cast has done a perfect work. Brad tries hard to fit into the role of general. However, it was surely not one of his best actings. The uneven execution of the movie ruined the interest that its fact-basedstory could have generated. However, that damage is not clearly visible as the sharp wit and a solid acting overshadows it. We will rate the movie 6 out of 10. Moreover, the movie is not all about actions (as its name suggests) rather most part of the film features the war politics and talks.

War Machine Movie: Focus on News

“War Machine Is Your Sneak Peek at Netflix’s Blockbuster Future”
War Machine was received with comments such as “what a game-changer it would be” when Netflix announced to be backing the War Machine that stars Brad Pitt. Though the movie does not seem to be as expected yet the solid action and the witty moves and twists will keep you glued to the seat.

“Netflix gets out the big guns as it declares war on cinema”
War Machine combines the indie credibility of “David Michod” and the star power of “Brad Pitt.” Netflix enters the race of featuring large budget films with the Brad Pitt starring- War Machine as it hopes the movie to put up a great show in theaters throughout the world.

War Machine, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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