When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks

Fatal attractions may lead the bough to break.

The movie ‘when the bough breaks’ is a psychological thriller directed by Jon Cassar and written by Jack Olsen. It is an American 2016 movie featuring man and woman intuitive chemistries.

The movie “When the bough breaks” is written by Jack Olsen and directed by Jon Cassar. The movie is a 2016 based American psychological thriller whose filming began on February 2, 2015 at New Orleans and has been released on September 9, 2016. Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne have jointly produced the film, while the music is played by John Frizzel. The chief star cast includes Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall, and Theo Rossi.

The movie begins with a story of a married couple; John Taylor (Morris) & Laura Taylor (Regina), who is well settled in their life and living a healthy and charming life. However, the only pain that haunts their lives is that they do not have any sibling and they can go to any extent to get a lovely child for themselves. They have been trying for a long time to get baby but Laura cannot conceive a child due unknown factors.

They have tried every possible measure to conceive the child but still happiness is shying away from the couple. At last, the couple decides to borrow a womb to get their child. They hire a surrogate mother Anna (Jaz Sinclair), who is professional surrogate who lends her womb for her livelihood and is a nubile woman with stunning sexy looks. This woman has lures johns through her deadly looks while his wife had to visit outstations due to her business engagements.

The couple had never imagined that this step of borrowing a womb might cause havoc to their happily married life as Anna tries to entangle John and it is hard to stay away from the clutches of brute beauty. She is playing psychological games with the couple and has gained lethal fixations with Mr. Taylor. The couple has to recover their original relationship along with their child developing in the womb of Anna.

The film is just like an open book and director Jon Cassar has left no scope for suspense but the story line is admirable. However the critics are analyzing the movie as old wine in new bottle, because Hollywood has number a times has relied over the sexually obsessive character of a woman and this film too characterizes a woman sex manic character, while men are always a sex eager.

The film has been distributed by Screen Gems, against a small budget of 10$ million, the movie has earned 15$ million after its release.

When the Bough Breaks, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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