Why Him?

Why Him?

A 2016 American romantic comedy movie of the mayhem caused at a holiday gathering when Ned Fleming finds out that his daughter’s billionaire boyfriend is about to propose her.

This is a story of an over-protective and conservative dad who visits his daughter during the holidays. There he meets his daughter’s Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend who is just what he has not expected. He does not approve of him and when he realizes that he will soon pop the question, the holiday gathering goes off the rails. The movie offers an odd chuckle and is based on the father-vs-fiancé formula.

Why him? Movie Introduction:
Written by Hamburg and Ian Helfer, the film features the story of a father who finds his daughter’s new boyfriend- an unconventional Silicon Valley billionaire- no less than a nightmare.The movie was directed by John Hamburg and premiered in Los Angeles on December 17, 2016. It was released on December 23, 2016, in the United States by 20th Century Fox, though it was originally planned for November 11, 2016.

Why him? Movie Synopsis:
Ned Fleming is the CEO of a printing business firm, Fleming Co which has seen a rough patch in the past one year. The company is under serious debts as it is unable to finalize deals with other companies to the decrease in demand for printing.
He along with his wife Bard (Megan Mullally) and his 15-year-old son Scotty (Griffin Gluck) travels from Grand Rapids, Michigan to California to visit their daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch). She studies at Stanford University. She drives her family to her boyfriend’s house which was quite big and beautiful. She tells Ned that her boyfriend Laird Mayhew (James Franco) is the CEO of a video game company and he is a billionaire.

Laird’s vulgar and blunt personality intimidates Ned and causes him to downright dislike him, but on the other hand, his personality slightly arouses Scott and Barb. They also meet Gustav (Keegan-Michael Key), Laird’s best friend who seems to act as the voice of sense to Laird. Laird decides to give a tour of the house to the Flemings, accompanied by frequent curse words and slang. He overly compliments Barb in the presence of Ned and shows off his back tattoo which was inspired from the Christmas greeting of the Flemings, with “Happy Holidays” engraved at the bottom.

Ned completely disapproves of Laird’s behavior and talks to Stephanie about it. She had anticipated that her father would be concerned by Laird’s behavior but she insists that Laird is good at heart and he makes her completely happy.
During dinner, Laird tells them stories in full details about times when he and Stephanie had sex, which makes Stephanie’s parents uncomfortable. He vows to behave better in front of her parents. Laird has made his home a “paper-free zone” due to which Ned faces problems in the toilet. Gustav tries to help but the situation simply becomes more complicated.
Laird takes Ned out on a walk. He reveals to Ned that he will soon propose Stephanie to marry him and he seeks Ned’s blessings for the same. Ned refused bluntly and without any further thoughts. Laird was rather taken aback as he was quite confident that Ned would not refuse. Laird promises to prove himself worthy so that he can seek Ned’s blessings and asks a favor from Ned to keep his plan a secret.

Ned easily bond with Scotty as the boy tries out new video games of Laird’s company and provides him feedback. Meanwhile, Ned tries to find anything bad about Laird. He tries to guess Laird’s password to break into his computer. He expected it to be something dirty but was amazed when he finds that the password was “StephaniesDude”.

In the Christmas party at Laird’s house, Ned informs everyone that he is in debt. Laird reveals that he has bought Ned’s company as a Christmas present to remove all his debts. Instead of appreciating this, Ned starts a fight with Laird. Stephanie and Barb get frustrated at the men’s childish behavior and they leave the house.
When Ned returns to his office, his employees are celebrating that Laird purchased the company which makes their jobs safe now. Ned feels guilty seeing all this. It is a Christmas Day and the Flemings were celebrating at their house. They are surprised when Laird comes to visit them. Laird informs Ned that he has come to propose Stephanie but he still won’t do until he gets Ned’s blessings. Ned finally agrees.

Later Laird proposes Stephanie to marry him. You can watch Why Him Free Online and find out how Laird proposes Stephanie and whether she agrees or not.

Why him? Movie Star Cast:
The movie stars various actors and each one of them has done justice to their role. The main characters of Stephanie Fleming and her father (Ned Fleming) are portrayed by Zoey Deutch and Bryan Cranston respectively. James Franco as Laird Mayhew (Stephanie’s boyfriend) adds a stroke of comedy with his fabulous performance. The film features Megan Mullally as Barb Fleming (Stephanie’s mother), Griffin Gluck as Scotty Fleming (Stephanie’s 15-year-old younger brother) and Keegan-Michael Key as Gustav (Laird’s best friend and butler) as other important characters. The cast consists of other characters as well but they don’t have much of roles to impact the screenplay. Watch Why Him Free online and discover the cast performance yourself.

Why him? Movie Review:
Based on 113 reviews, the movie was given an approval rating of 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has received an IMDb rating of 6.6/10. The movie was given a score of 39/100 onMetacritic based on 30 critics, which simply indicates “generally unfavorable reviews”. The movie received an average grade of B+ on a scale of A+ to F by the audiences surveyed by Cinema Score. Watch Why Him Free online and decide for yourself how good the movie is. We will rate the movie 4 out of 10.

Why him? Movie: Focus on News
The production budget of the movie was $38 million and the movie grossed $92.6 million worldwide. It made $55.1 million in the US and Canadian box office and $37.5 million in other territories. It grossed $15.5 million in the first four days of its release, finishing 4th at the box office.

Why Him?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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