Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is and American superhero movie, totally based on a DC character ‘Wonder Woman’. Watch Wonder Woman free online under the distributorship Warner Bros. Pictures. Directed by Patty Jenkins, this movie was release in the United States on June 2, 2017 in 2D, 3D and 3D IMAX version as well. Critics largely gave a positive review to the movie. Gal Gadot plays the lead role of Wonder Woman. This is the first superhero movie ever with a female director and for Jenkins, it is her first movie with a female protagonist.

Wonder Woman Movie Synopsis
In the beginning of the movie, Diana’s dreams, unrealistic as her mother puts it, of becoming a warrior from Amazon just like her aunt Genera Antiope are revealed. Her mother Hippolyta objects to this dream of hers. She starts getting trained for the same and one fine day, while fighting she defeats her aunt and then peculiar kind of shockwaves are emitted from her gauntlets. On reflection from the cliffs, these waves strike an airplane causing it to crash. On seeing this, Diana runs to save the pilot of the plane Steve Trevor who is in fact a spy from the U.S. The Imperial General Army had come to take away Steve, capturing him. The island is invaded by the army but by then, Diana comes along with other Amazon warriors to rescue him and send away the invaders. In all this, Antiope dies and many warriors are shredded to death. The mother asks Steve the motive of him being a spy and he then reveals that he is responsible for infiltration of a base camp of the Ottoman Empire from where he had stolen a notebook which contained plans and design pertaining to some chemical weapon, by Dr. Maru. His job gets completed when he hands over the notebook to the British Empire and end the ongoing war. The God of war, Zeus was suspected to have started the war so Diana steals the sword created by Him to kill Ares, and to do this she decides to go with Steve to London.

The notebook is successfully delivered to Sir Patrick Morgan and the plan made is in accordance with the strategy of destroying the base camp and stop the production of that chemical. Sameer is a secret agent who accompanies them along with Charlie-the sniper and all of them enter the Western Front where Diana faces the battle field and fights hard, freeing a town of Belgia from the rule of Germans. Diana, next attends a gala aimed at treaty signing between the Allied and the Central powers but is not able to kill the general as Steve intervenes. The secret mission of the gala is gas release and this is suspected by Diana and Steve. Ares is killed by Diana because of the outrage which is a result of the cheap strategy adopted by him. Till now, Diana had been thinking that Ludendorff is Ares. The revelation of Sir Morgan being Ares comes out with his real motives of influencing both the sides having the idea about creation of weapons meant for mass destruction. Once the God killer is destroyed, we are told in the movie by Morgan that instead of the sword being the weapon sent bu Zeus, Diana is the weapon herself.

While all this is going on, the Germans get started to release the gas on New York. Diana takes Steve’s watch and then he goes on to hijack the bomber plane, making it explode in mid-air only. Steve dies in the process. Diana is attacked by energy bolts from Ares but her gauntlets absorb each and every one of those shot at her. She puts her full potential to use in order to kill Ares with those very same gauntlets of hers. After all this action, Dina returns back to London.
A century has passed and Diana has now become a curator of Louvre in Paris. Bruce Wayne sends her an original picture of her fights in World War I. She thanks him over an e-mail and goes on to take up her next adventure.

Wonder Woman Movie Star-Cast
The star cast of the movie is a finely chosen one. Gal Gadot plays the role of Wonder Woman. Chris Pine plays the role of Steve. Ares was played by Sean Bean and Circe by Eva Green. There is news that Nicole Kidman was asked to be cast in a role but then there were no scenes of her, obviously in the movie.

Wonder Woman Movie Review
Overall, the critics gave a good review to Wonder Woman, with a lot of praise to the performance of the protagonist Gal Gadot. Splendid action and VFX is used in the movie. This movie is credit for being the best DCEU movie of the year. Rotten Tomatoes has reviewed the movie based on reviews of the public and this movie has got an approval rating of 94% (based on 127 movie reviews) with an average rating of 7.6/10. People are in appraisal of the charismatic performance of Gal Gadot and describe it has thrilling! Metacritic rates the movie as 76/100 by reviews of 36 critics, coming under the category of reviews that are generally favourable. Such reviews make the public more excited to watch Wonder Woman free online.

Wonder Woman: Focus on News

“Wonder Woman is the superhero we need”
Coming out as a movie with a different touch in the genre of superhero movies, Wonder Woman has got great reviews, creating a heroic kind of image of Gal Gadot in public.

“Wonder Woman- an overlong epic”
With the setting in World War I, this movie is accredited for being under the category of an epic. This movie has a great climax and the action throughout like a general epic film. Watch Rent Wonder Woman free online on HD movie watch- the best site to stream movies.

Wonder Woman, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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